Monday, November 5, 2018

City: "Now that LIC is overdeveloped, let's worry about infrastructure"

From LIC Post:

The city has committed to investing millions in Long Island City under a new plan released today aimed at supporting sustainable growth in the neighborhood.

The Long Island City Investment Strategy, as the longterm plan is called, outlines the ways the city is and will be addressing practically all infrastructure in the neighborhood, ranging from parks, schools, transportation, and sewage systems.

To fund the improvements, the city is funneling $180 million into the neighborhood on top of $2.2 billion it says it has invested into the area over the years.

The city admits the impetus for its strategy comes from rapid residential development that has strained neighborhood resources and the quality of life of people living in the neighborhood since the 2001 rezoning.

The plan, additionally, stems from coordinating with multiple city agencies and engaging with the community since 2015, where the city heard concerns from distressed locals on infrastructure keeping pace with development.


Anonymous said...

Now let's revisit a twenty year old idea that should have been planed for
from the very beginning.

A new hospital in western Queens is critical.

Joe Moretti said...

DAH........................Ever hear of responsible urban planning 101. The usual ass backwards NYC planning whose idol is the almighty dollar.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the next super storm hits NYC. All those buildings close by the East River in LIC will have innumerable flooding problems. And since many have tax abatements WE the taxpayers will literally and figuratively be bailing them out.

Anonymous said...

It's about to get a whole hell of a lot worse now that Amazon is going to put part of HQ2 there.

Anonymous said...

It's about to get more developed

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Amazon, people!

JQ LLC said...

This is exactly why Cuomo must lose. Amazon will destroy every small business in Queens and the rest of the 4 boroughs, from commercial retail, to movie theaters and to the corner bodega

Lowes already shut down two of their stores in Manhattan.

So obvious the sudden need for infrastructure improvements.

Amazon Viner said...

Yay! A Silicon Valley company run by an Ayn Randian libertarian douchebag will have an HQ in NYC! I can't wait for us to become another California, where making $100K a year is considered "low income", where local working and middle class families are pushed out for transplants and foreigners on H1B visas who have no interest in making a permanent home here in NYC and contributing to it in any way, shape or form!

I can't wait for all of the icky moms and pops to be destroyed in favor of a million Starbucks, Trader Joes, 7-Elevens and Walgreens or entire retail districts are turned into ghost towns. We can't have enough of these bland suburban chain stores and ghost towns in this great city! It's gonna be awesome!


Becky Transplant from Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

You people are stupid. What, you want a ghost city? For people who have houses there, they should be happy due to price appreciates as it becomes more urban (when do you see nyc property drop like a mutha?.. if it drops it rebounds faster than you can say boom.. just take a look a 2010 to now.. prices doubled). Also the landlord will be happy because rental will become high. Sorry you don't have a house there and therefore complain, else you won't be complaining.

So take your pick.. ghost city that has no one to live in, or city with many people that looks like a city.

JQ LLC said...

Or city with many people that looks like a city???

The subways and sidewalks are crowded enough.

This sounds like an Amazon or Google corporate stooge screed from one of Bezo's twitter bots.