Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cuomo to do an end run around Van Bramer on Amazon

From Crain's:

The Cuomo administration will likely use a controversial planning process to shepherd Amazon's potential headquarters in Queens around the normal city review, Crain's has learned.

Several sources familiar with the negotiations to bring the tech giant to a sprawling office and mixed-use campus around Anable Basin on the Long Island City waterfront say the state is planning to create a general project plan to rezone the roughly 20-acre site, which today can only accommodate low-rise manufacturing uses.

That would give the state the authority to remake the area without having to secure approval from the City Council, which usually holds power over major development projects in need of a rezoning.

The general project plan still requires an environmental review, allows the community to comment in a public forum and is subject to nonbinding input from the City Planning Commission and the local community board.

The advantage for Gov. Andrew Cuomo is that the Amazon project could not be held hostage by Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, per the council's tradition of deferring to the local member on rezonings.

"I'm not just surprised, I'm angry," said Van Bramer. "I think it would be shocking if this was done in a way that bypassed the city land-use review process. This is the most top-down approach to a project I have seen so far, with no community involvement. This is the governor and the mayor and [Amazon CEO] Jeff Bezos sitting in a room together."


Gary W said...

Jimmy is worried he won't get to wet his beak.
Sorry Jimmy the big boys are playing.

JQ LLC said...

For someone who campaigned on Trump fearmongering, with this little autocratic machination he sure does a fine mimicry of our troubled snowflake President.

And like Trump who has made Robert Mueller a hero to liberals and Jeff Sessions a martyr for checks and balances, Andrew Amazon manages to evoke sympathy for loathed politcos like Jimbrowski.

Try not to be cynical.

Anonymous said...

Come on, its a ploy to let Van Bramer off the hook.

Joe Moretti said...

VERY GOOD POINT, JQ. I have always said that deBlasio is just like Trump (not in rhetoric) by by passing rules/laws, criticizing the media, not being accountable............and so is this guy. Some of these two criticize about asshole Trump (which he aptly deserves), these clown do the same thing, yet no peep from my fellow Democrats.

Time for people to stop siding with their party electeds when they are in the wrong, Republicans and Dem. Country FIRST, not party.

Anonymous said...

@Joe Moretti said...
"Time for people to stop siding with their party electeds when they are in the wrong, Republicans and Dem. Country FIRST, not party."
Thumbs up Joe !

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Mr. Van Bramer DID NOT endorse Mr. Cuomo.

He gave his support to Ms. Nixon.

Not only is his imput into LIC gone, so is his bid to be the next Borough President.

Dead on Arrival.

Anonymous said...

Andy Amazon is the sympton, not the DemonRat disease. He has disgraced New York State government so completely, that his endless loop of corruption, graft and greed now DEVALUES honesty itself. Still no federal lockup for the last, toppled Albany King, as everyone else is already in the can, or on their way.

What does it take, 'LAMESTREAM MEDIA,' to take down corruption at the top, instead of focusing on parking meter summonses and fluff pieces that have now SO ORDERED the newspaper business a graveyard that only gets bigger by the hour? You want to restore democracy? Open up your notepads and start acting like journalists of integrity.

As for 'Gargoyle Andy' of the dynastic, criminal Cuomo enterprise: Don't get too comfortable in your illegal third term, you maggot: You and a jail cell were made for each other!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "As for 'Gargoyle Andy' of the dynastic, criminal Cuomo enterprise: Don't get too comfortable in your illegal third term, you maggot: You and a jail cell were made for each other!"

That is the best description of Andrew Cuomo I have ever seen.

Thank you, Anonymous.
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Anonymous said...

God forbid he becomes president 2020 with a democrat controlled House & Senate. This bastards is worse then his father. He's another Hitler.

Anonymous said...

All LAMESTREAM MEDIA in New York City routs through at the Mayors office of media, film and television to get the tax breaks, press credentials and permits to operate.
Usually through 3rd party "intermediating editor" so all can pretend this policy does not exist.
A reporter, editor for example needs to get a "nod" and permission to run certain things or face big fallout, an ax in some cases. Its becoming all linked & setup like information and editorial media in North Korea (take your pick)

ron s said...

Hard to know who to root for (or against). Cuomo is surrounded by scandal on all sides. Van Bramer is a real estate developer's lackey who pretends he has the community's interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't know why anyone would still be brainwashed to believe that 'Gargoyle Andy's' equally corrupt (and worthless, corporate obedient politician——not public servant——of a father, 'Super Failed Mario'), was any better than his 'Demon Seed' son of epic, government-and-humanitarian fail, when they BOTH have so completely betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency, to the point of extreme, cognitive dissonant sociopathy, psychopathy——and, pathologically treasonous, traitorous and tyrannical effect——and, the ever languishing public be damned (again and STILL). Worse, it's the propaganda lying media (and fake news that continues to offer zero social contract to its FOISTED, vigilante-activist citizenry), that continues to protect that lethally corrupt scourge of journalistic degradation, until the un-televised REVOLUTION finally breaks out with a vengeance (and, much sooner than later——the French didn't see it coming, either).

Ever wonder why there is so much lawlessness and anarchy in the streets of New York City and New York State that is multiplying daily at the bottom and middle, when there is still so much endless, unchecked and unregulated corruption, graft and greed at the top? Now, the crushing weight of ALL of those higher up, levels of raw sewage has now completely spilled over into daily lawlessness, vigilantism, government tyranny and anarchy at every hierarchical level below it——to ruinous, societal collapse and rapid decay. (The public good must ALWAYS outweigh the crushing weight of all private——and, now public and political——gain. And, it's NOT NEGOTIABLE!)

Your answer, Queens Crappers, is in the 300% false, fake and monstrously (intentionally) failed leadership at the top corridors of decaying power of all unearned, undeserved privilege and unjust enrichment, as the veil of corruption has finally been lifted on the entire, ancient Babylonian, 'empire-racket' system of New York State government, as well as total and extreme corruption throughout national government that is dictated by a completely, corporate obedient Supreme Court——to entrenched, lawless and tyrannical effect! It's an intolerant extremist case of 'PRIVATE SPLENDOR'——versus 'PUBLIC SQUALOR' (not to mention adversity, beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation that didn't previously exist)!

All of this reminds me how George Orwell used to be engaged in writing works of fiction——not prescient images of the present and future of a hyper-corrupt world that is continually dominated by a cabal of evil, predatory and rapacious, empowered idiot, 'Monetary Locusts' of diabolical oligarchy (where are the good corporate citizens of the world?).

It also reminds me of the 1977 movie entitled, 'The Demon Seed,' starring Julie Christie, and how her life, as the story goes, was completely immobilized and controlled by an evil super-computer named 'Proteus IV' (a/k/a Alfred), whose ex-husband forgets to deactivate the computer's central security system over the home in which Chrystie lived, that quickly turns into a prison system controlled only by the mad computer of all drunk power itself. Following is the horrifying (and prescient) movie trailer that spoke of so much more than science fiction back then——and, now the entire world in the 21st century of horrors is completely infected by an even more lethal and diabolical system of 'NAKED GREED,' and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), two forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure: