Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bland Houses host fighting vermin

From PIX11:

Melba Nazario lives at the Bland Houses in Flushing says she saw rats fighting raccoons for trash.

Nazario said when she tries to complain to the management office, it’s always closed.

A spokesperson for NYCHA said exterminators are treating the area every two weeks for any rodent issues, with the last treatment on Oct. 29. They are scheduling to address any raccoons at the development. The animals will be safely relocated. Also, all the garbage and trash around Senior Center have already been removed by staff, a spokesperson promised.

The Bland Houses’ office has been closed briefly due to a staffing shortage, a spokespersons aid. It will be reopening Dec. 4.


georgetheatheist said...

Socialism in action: rats, racoons, urinating bums. Any wonder "management" skedaddled?

Alexandria Ocasional-Cortex will fix this.

Kumbaya, Lord, kumbaya.

Anonymous said...

I lived there when I was a kid. All the apartments were painted beige and you weren’t allowed to use condiments.

JQ LLC said...

This is hysterical. It's like a dystopian disney cartoon. Or a rodent/critter version of West Side Story or Gangs of New York.

Welcome to Queens amazon. It looks like our elected sellout officials forgot to mention our urban animal population in that letter we sent you.

Anonymous said...

Well its NYC. Dirty people bring dirty animals. In bayside when I was growing up, I never seen rats in this neighborhood but then one morning while waiting for the bus, I seen a huge rat coming out of the huge crack on the sidewalk. The reason being is because we have dirty people living around here anymore plus we have a huge population also now. I dont know how the government allows so many people to keep living here. This dense population isnt good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Monica makes it happen !! You will never Diblassio or Corey Johnson making a visit to one of these developments.

Anonymous said...

>you weren’t allowed to use condiments.

Wat? How was that justified? Even Nanny Bloomberg only tried to restrict salt.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too familiar with Bland Houses themselves, but I remember 15 years back seeing hordes of large rats scurrying around Bland Playground right next door at night. The abundance of restaurants in the area makes it a prime dining spot.
It's also just two blocks away from Flushing Creek and Flushing Meadows Park, home of countless raccoons. It's no wonder we're seeing turf wars going on.

Anonymous said...

I’m joking, bland, no condiments,beige walls.... bland ...get it.

TommyR said...

I'm in the area often enough. The houses stand out in stark contrast to all the new malls, hi-rises, and other construction rapidly going up. Another relic that will be ignored and neglected til it crumbles on itself.