Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Van Bramer & Maloney in favor of Amazon before they were against it

Well that's sure interesting. Quite a rogue's gallery here!

Added trivia bonus: How many of the signatories are now in prison?


JQ LLC said...

Pam Harris was just recently busted and convicted.

State senator Montgomery has been in jail by working there

Mike Geinaris signed his soul to Bezos too and he's out there having town halls feigning outrage at this heinous corporate and oligarch welfare deal done by #NYGovernorAndrewAmazon.

Von Bramer is criticizing this with hashtags and organizing a useless protest yet he could have stopped this if he really wanted to to but decided to go to Puerto Rico instead. Actually, a lot of shitty council people and the Mayor and his wife went to Puerto Rico as this dirty land and financial largess giveaway was going down by #NYGovernorAndrewAmazon.

As a publicity stunt akin to the time they spent a few days living in public housing, all of these spineless sellouts who signed this letter should spend a week working the normal 11 hours a day at a fulfillment center. While holding in their urine and walking 5 miles to get to their 15 minute break.

JQ LLC said...

According to various articles I read from a writer that's been covering Amazon for the past 5 years. The average full time amazon worker only lasts 14 months. Even higher brass gets pushed to the limits.

This must be stopped. Stat.

Anonymous said...

This city is headed for troble.
It is run by a one party government bent on destroying the middle class.

"This little bitty town it ain't nothing new
We all stick around 'cause they all tell us too
Swallow your pride just to make your family proud
If I didn't think that it would shut the whole place down
I'd ride my pony right out of this one horse town"

Blackberry Smoke - One Horse Town

Anonymous said...

JQ, that turnover is par for the course at a lot of tech companies. Amazon is productive an innovative. Bezos' and his deputies' loyalty is to his shareholders and employees - his incentive should be trying to get the best deal possible for the company. Keep your anger squarely where it belongs, on the "public servants" who are caving in to him.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon. You think I'm not focusing on the elected hacks, look at my first two comments and previous ones.

Amazon isn't innovative, it's a glorified flea market with employee treatment standards that summon up the novels of Upton Sinclair. Bezos has no loyalty to his employees including the six-figure ones, the average time or in this case shelf life of an amazon employee is barely over a year.

This HQ 2 (now 2 and 3) competition that he conducted with this nation's cities was a con job. It was obvious he was going to pick NY and Virginia all this time. Now it makes total sense why de Faustio kept the BQX alive.

I will get to that oligarch welfare beggar bezos on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Gianaris and Van Bramer fighting this - that Justice for All Group has been co-oped if they think those two have any interest in fighting for the public.

Anonymous said...

JQLLC and all. I don't get you guys.

What? You guys want nyc to be a ghost town. Have everyone leave and exit and you will be happy. If you do own a home.. good luck, there goes your 'investment' because it's a ghost town and no one will want to buy when you retire.

What? You want nyc to be the same way it is. Hope you know, anything stagnant will end up bad (food, water (with mosquitoes), even cities).. You need dynamism to grow. If NYC was the same 50 years ago, no one will come here as it was a drug infested area and have bad connotation. Oh I'm from nyc.. and reaction you get is you are from a bad and dangerous place. That's the reaction I got from rednecks down in Texas who doesn't know sht..because they are still living in the 1960s.

No growth means no improvement which means dying cities, if you know anything about cities. Read Janet Jacobs book. Gentrification is not a bad thing as it cleans up cities eventually. You and I can have this debate about gentrification but the fact is that if done right, it's great. Just take a look at 42nd street in midtown manhattan which used to be stripper, drug dealers and por- n shops. Look at it now. It's gentrification and cleasing by rudy that made it happen. I have a friend who bought a property in midtown for 900k just before the cleanup. People thought he was nuts. Now. It's 10x the amount and more.

People think more people are bad.. yes, that's true.. but not when they are highly educated ones.. and it will probably be in an orderly way that you don't even noticed as they will spread out to vicinity to look for slightly lower rent etc. things like homeless shether is a big no no (no offense to them, but they atrract lower class people.. so do you want that?).. it's like them or amazon educated 150k workers, take your pick.

If you are a homeowner near that area, you should be laughing because your house value just went up. The people who usually complain are the ones who rents there currently and just likes the status quo because they know their rents will go up after this. But there are SO MANY condos there that right now if it wasn't for Amazon coming in, they might have a hard time to sell/rent. So I think it will accomodate just fine. Maybe the infrastructure might need to be increase and stuff but hey again, you want grow then you have to do it.

No pain, no gain.. no pain no growth. Stagnation will eventually die. (look at Floral park.. if it wasn't for the Indian people there, it would've just slowly decrease in population).

Anonymous said...

JQ, as a software professional, I can assure you Amazon is innovative in ways you don't understand if you think it's all about eCommerce. Almost every tech company you have ever heard of has or has had some of its infrastructure hosted by the AWS cloud. Amazon pioneered and is still trailblazing in the infrastructure as a service around which the entire modern internet works. Last year one tiny typo they made in one service in one datacenter took down Giphy, Slack, Medium, Quora, Github, Imgur, Zendesk, Coursera, Mailchimp, Expedia and countless others and their derivative services. And they are STARVING for skilled talent to maintain and keep building. So in one sense you are right, they need NYC for its educated workforce and the NYCEDC did not have to give away the farm. But don't kid yourself about the company not being concerned about keeping its edge by being where the tech workers are and needing to keep them happy.

JQ LLC said...

Hi software professional amazon pod bot.

So you are touting Amazon for creating this typo that took down other tech companies and justifying this sabotaging of competitive tech companies because they were derivative. Way to make amazon sound like a bunch of gangsters destroying the competition. So, it's not only a glorified flea market, it's a predatory destroyer and usurper of their tech competition.

That's some scary ass shit. And immensely anti-capitalist.

And the other anon:

I don't get you either, this is not 1970 or even 1980, NYC is a long way off of being a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

They will say that they signed the letter before they knew what the Governor and Mayor were giving away to Amazon.

What surprised me the most is that those Councilmembers know how to write...

Anonymous said...

>So you are touting Amazon for creating this typo that took down other tech companies and justifying this sabotaging of competitive tech companies because they were derivative.

Read his comment again, that's not what he said at all.

JQ LLC said...

I did and Yes he (or she) did. Anon. Yes, he (or she) did. That's what he (or she) said to the letter and praised it. According to that person, Amazon was able to create a mistake to damage their "derivative" competition.

He (or she) (or it) also noted how desperate Amazon is for "talent" and to get bigger, confirming the corporation's and Bezos intent to be a monopoly power. This is dangerous to the economy and society.

Apologies for any latent hyperbole.

If Amazon wants to come to Queens, they should pay their fair share if not more, they are not starving for cash (unless they are, but Bezos company does control and monetize personal data and owns a major newspaper). The effects on this city is already being felt with the raise of the transit fares and last nights disaster traffic conditions when the city decided not to salt or pave the streets preceding and during the freezing rain storm.

Anonymous said...

I did and Yes he (or she) did. Anon. Yes, he (or she) did. That's what he (or she) said to the letter and praised it. According to that person, Amazon was able to create a mistake to damage their "derivative" competition.

No, he's right. You twisted what I said. It was a TYPO. A MISTAKE. Amazon not only lost a lot of money from the outage, but also their reputation for insanely good uptime took a hit. Many of their customers used the opportunity to reassess and start looking at alternatives as backup - and that's a good thing for competition! But no other cloud services provider is as extensive, versatile, easy to use, reliable, and cheap as Amazon in the combination of those factors.

I cited it as an example of how crucial a player the company is to the engine of the entire Information Age, not merely eCommerce, as the mistake showed inadvertently. I did not praise the mistake itself.

News brief here.

Anonymous said...

Also, I agreed with you that Amazon probably steamrolled the NYCEDC and Cuomo's EDA in those negotiations. Blaming Bezos for that is like blaming a defense lawyer for getting his client a good deal. THAT'S WHAT HIS JOB IS TO DO. Your politicians let you down, plain and simple.

JQ LLC said...

Anon re: Typo

I saw that article and I get it, even if the article seems like a puff piece. But it again shows why no one should trust Bezos, because knowing him and his insatiable quest to monopolize everything, it was probably done on purpose to see how his cloud services can damage the net (in my humble opinion).

I suppose they are looking for "talent" but certainly they are not going to hire anyone from the nearby Queensbridge houses. Unless they pay Nas to rap at the HQ 1 and a half opening.

I do blame our politicians, but Bezos more. Because of his unmitigated, unadulterated greed for more fortune and more power. He knows what he's doing and knew he would find a no bigger sap than #NYGovernorAndrewAmazon and a duplicitous coward liar for a mayor who would shove his fist in his mouth and pull out his feces for a buck donation.

Even though Jersey insanely offered him more money and property.