Friday, November 9, 2018

The 18th hole needs protection!

From CBS 2:

Cracked windows, shattered windshields and dented cars … again and again.

The culprits? Golf balls.

Dozens were scattered all over Raymond Hublall’s home on Commonwealth Boulevard in Little Neck, because right across the street is Douglaston Golf Course.

“From 2010 to now I’ve spent approximately $5,000,” Hublall said.

His neighbors have seen similar damage. The situation is not just proving to be expensive, it’s also dangerous. Hublall said one errant shot injured his niece.

“She was walking in from roadway walking into my front door and she got hit by the golf ball,” Hublall said.

Just to give you an idea of how many golf balls end up on some of these properties, Hublall produced a box filled with them. He said he collected all of them in just a couple of months.

Back in 2014, neighbors complained to local leaders and got netting installed. The only problem is it doesn’t protect the 18th hole.


JQ LLC said...

I remember when caught the attention of Help me Howard. Apparently Howard didn't do shit.

The clientele at Douglaston obviously has some shitty golfers who slice their drives and approach shots. I can tell being a shitty former golfer myself when I played in Forest Park.

Anonymous said...

Take the whole golf course back and make it a NYC park, we need more green space.
Simple fix just make it nine holes !!!

Anonymous said...

In the 1960s Golf City golf range on 20th Ave between Whitestone and College Pt would fill up with Japanese executives from downtown Flushing every Friday afternoon . We even had a batting range. That's where Target is now.

Anonymous said...

So this is a new problem, or has been around since 1950 when the course was put in?

Anonymous said...

the course has been there longer than houses that are around them cmon what do you expect

JQ LLC said...

You would expect the course to take precautionary measures to mitigate damages. Like in Forest Park where they have 25 ft. fences.

But I think it's because the clientele that plays there obviously have a large amount of shitty golfers who constantly slice their drives and approach shots.

Anonymous said...

This friggan guy expanded hose house around 4X, 6X higher then the fence. What did he expect?
The course has been there longer, first, for as long as I remember ---to hell with these McMansion people. When you build or buy on a golf course, the ocean, flood zone, end of airstrip you accept the fact you may get hit!
Its like rolling dice, you number comes up eventually.

Whats wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

Kissena golf course is still the King of public NYC courses!