Monday, November 26, 2018

Construction damage forces small business to close on Black Friday

Animal Pantry on Cross Bay Blvd was hit with a vacate order this past Friday due to construction behind the building damaging their foundation.

Great timing! It's called Black Friday because small businesses are generally running "in the red" up until the day after Thanksgiving, when they make a bundle off holiday shoppers, which pushes them "into the black" on their balance sheets.

All to build another cookie cutter piece of crap. For shame.


TommyR said...

If the construction behind them caused that foundational collapse, the owners/crew there need to pay the Pantry for any related costs of repair, and quickly - including loss of business. I hate needless litigation, but I hope in this case Pantry hits back with a rightful lawsuit over this. Also glad to know nobody (including their animals) was hurt.

TommyR said...

PS: Roaming around Fresh Meadows this morning off of Utopia and 64th, I thought about some of the very lovely but exceedingly, exceedingly tiny homes on some of the lots there with realistic (not rose-tinted) eyes.

That B-SCAN (good job pulling it up Crapster) may show a cookie-cutter-esque two-story, likely to be devoid of any ornamental trim (window pediments, ornate brick-work facade, etc)...but it isn't really bad by any means, especially when compared to the homes next-door and across the street: they are almost laughably like children's doll houses. This is not to insult the homes (or their residents) - it's just, they are very, VERY narrow! For what? A postage-sized front "yard", the look of which could easily be achieved by a semi-enclosed porch (meaning, build the front out to, or very nearly to, the lot line on Albert). Most people on that street paved their "yards" over anyway, so what's the point of having it?

Compare with the homes to the immediate left

From the perspective of the new residents behind Animal Pantry, you want to maximize that postage stamp insofar as possible, b/c you've hardly anything to work with AFA livable space. Unless you're six inches wide and less than five feet tall?

...the mistake here was not having those two lots be two instead of one singly. The net effect eventually would've been the same, given the same market pressures - what was once a one family could then have been built into a duplex with a common wall, with more space, not less, for everyone.

And actually - looking closer at that B-SCAN: they still bothered to include a drive-way and an open front yardage of some sort, surprisingly.

JQ LLC said...

@Mr. E

Sure it looks normal but you have to visit the Ozone once in a while. Modest quaint houses in a row are suddenly dwarfed by a gigantic parasitic tacky eyesores, there are some that try to emulate rennaisance era designs or are just wannabe mansions.

Crappy posted one I photographed on July 4 this year for example and you should see where it's located. On a fork in the road coming off the No Conduit.

Not so fun fact, there are two homeless shelter hotels down the block from the pantry.