Thursday, November 8, 2018

Woodhaven businesses being targeted for fines

From CBS 2:

Dozens of store owners in Queens say the city is cutting into their bottom line.

They’re being forced to take down their outdoor signs that they say are vital to their business.

A DOB spokesperson says they’ve received anonymous complaints about area businesses, and have to inspect once that happens. In a statement, the spokesperson said the department isn’t specifically targeting Woodhaven.

Local leaders aren’t satisfied.

“They weren’t aware they had to have a permit when the sign was put up,” Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-38th) said. “Now they’re being penalized for it.”

Miller is trying to find a compromise with the city. He’s hoping they can set up an amnesty period for business owners.

Store owners say the only thing falling will be their bottom line since as things currently stand, they have no way of advertising their business. Many say they bought their shop with the awning or sign already up, thinking everything was already up to code.


JQ LLC said...

This looks like the city is intentionally ghettoizing Jamaica Ave. I have never seen anything like this. This is arbitrary abuse of some arcane stupid law similar to when Mayor Benito Giuliani abused the cabaret law leading to long time bars and strip joints getting shut down.

For crying out loud, the signs were there when they got there.

This may sound like conspiracy-mongering, but I have done it before here so why stop now, but this might stem from the East New York rezoning, Woodhaven is not far away from there and the Gentrification Industrial Complex of government and real estate prefers to their redevelopment and luxurification damage of usurping neighborhoods from small businesses and the middle class and poor residents wherever there is mass transit (see also Jerome Ave in the Bronx).

And with the L shutdown just 7 meager months away, this nefarious collective know there will be an exodus from Williamsburg and Bushwick and the J line is obviously the next target.

Here is a foreboding confirming my theory:

This may be the reason why Landmarks won't give landmark status for Neir's Tavern.

The business owners in Woodhaven have to fight this hard. I am surprised that every small business under pressure from the city and the vile greedy scumlords jacking rents by 500% haven't formed their own OCCUPY movement yet.

Anonymous said...

I Wonder If FLUSHING is on the list for SIGNS?

Anonymous said...

Word is the rat is a local sign shop looking to drum up new business.

Anonymous said...

"They weren’t aware they had to have a permit when the sign was put up"

Not Knowing isn't an excuse, if a permit is required then obtain the permit. this is a crackdown that DOB is undertaking city-wide. if they want to cry foul, the city will toss most of these violations at adjudication with ECB.

Anonymous said...

If you own a commercial store I would think you would find out what permits you need or have a lawyer do so. Are the chain stores in Woodhaven like Rite Aid also in violation? I would doubt it. They have huge signs but they got the necessary permits.

Amazon Viner said...

Nothing more than a shakedown to overburden local businesses into closing so that a slew of crappy Starbuckses, Walgreens, 7-Elevens and other chain stores can move in.

Liman said...

Of course the chain stores have permits... they have extensive back office operations, including real estate attorneys. We're talking about real mom & pop stores here. The type that made Woodhaven habitable for working class families since the El was extended past Cypress Hills. And let's not forget that no one is talking about safety... this sign permit is just a "gimme" for the City.

Anonymous said...

(1) the permit requirement for signage is pretty clear, easy to look up, and free to access. The vendor who made the sign for you should have know this, even if the shop owner didnt.

(2) looking at the before and after, the block looks better, actually. No tacky plastic multi-color eyesores.

Sunnyside Al said...

The City Council is owned by very same REIT’s that house the big chain stores and other commercial properties. I suppose they would want to chase small business out of the neighborhood. I expect the Democrat Party to get to the bottom of this, since they are for the little people.

Anonymous said...

Why is the mayor so eager to drive out all the small businesses in Queens?