Sunday, September 28, 2014

Arrests of family shelter residents made in Rockaway

From the Rockaway Times:

There have been several arrests of individuals who reside at the new homeless shelter on Beach 65th St. have been arrested recently, according to police. Capt. Carlos Fernandez who oversees District 23 of the transit police, said there were nine arrests made in the last 28-day period of individuals who live at the shelter.

Those arrests were for theft of service and include violations including jumping the turnstile and entering the station illegally through the exit doors, he said. There have also been several quality of life summons issued there.

Police from The 100th Precinct also made two arrests: one of an individual who had an open container and had a warrant against him and another of an individual who was carrying a knife.

There was also a reported burglary within the shelter, during which a resident’s prescription medication was stolen, Capt. Craig Adelman said.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised?

Joe Moretti said...

Really, what do you expect from the types of people that go into homeless shelters.

And this is why communities do not want these places in their neighborhoods. Some communities already have bottom of the barrel people, they do not need even more added.

JQ said...

this shelter is not that far from that other project averne by the sea.

unfortunately,because of the times and the lack of housing for working people with responsibilities,these shelters are necessary.also unfortunately,the good for nothings and the unrehabitable wind up tagging along.

At least the cops are on these thugs,and doing it quite efficiently without trampling on civil rights.You don't hear about that on the news.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio campaigned in part on these type of warehouse shelters being bad. But instead of closing them down, he's opening more. A total lying putz.

Middle Villager said...

Why was an individual with a warrent in the homeless shelter? That person has a home, Rikers Island. I hope everyone in Rockaway remembers to thank their elected politicians on Election day.

Anonymous said...

People born in Queens and all of NYC can't afford to live here anymore, but these lowlifes are living on the taxpayers dime. Rent free, on food stamps, got lots of free time to hunt down crack.

Don't offer, give them a one way bus ticket far away. Let's see if they can get away with this nonsense anywhere outside of Rockaway. I hear that the Dominican Republic and Mexico is very nice this time of year.