Friday, September 26, 2014

Big Allis a big polluter

From the Queens Tribune:

The Environment New York Research & Policy Center released a report last week indicating that the TC Ravenswood Power Plant in Long Island City is the State’s most significant carbon polluter.

According to the center, Ravenswood produces about 2.3 million metric tons in emissions, which is the equivalent of about 500,000 cars.

These statistics were collected from U.S. Dept. of Energy 2012 emissions data. Ravenswood generating station is a 2,480 megawatt with the capacity to service 21 percent of the City’s peak energy load.

Rose Marie Poveromo sits on the Community Board 1 environmental committee. In response to the ENYRPC report, she said, “I believe it.”

The plant, known colloquially as Big Allis, has sparked moderate concern from residents throughout the years regarding noise, water and air pollution.

“All [power plants] have to become clean and green,” Poveromo said. “We who live in the communities [are] suffering from air pollution and noise pollution.”

Dorothy Morehead, vice chair of the Newtown Creek Alliance and chair of the environmental committee for Community Board 2, which neighbors the plant, said “emissions from power plants has long been a concern.”

A TransCanada representative disputed the findings of the report.

“Their conclusion is based on estimated data, not actual data. Based on real data supplied to the regulator, our CO2 emitting rates at the Ravenswood Generating Station are significantly lower than what the report claims,” the spokesperson said.


Anonymous said...

Meh. CO2 isn't a local pollutant. Worry about everything coming out of the smoke stacks except the 99% that is water vapor and CO2

Anonymous said...

Replace it with a nuke if you want a lower carbon footprint.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to environmentalists, the water CB2 is drinking does not come from the area around Big Allis. The NY watersheds flow downstream.

Anonymous said...

The population in their districts are skyrocketing thereby increasing pollution from power plants, automobiles, blah blah blah.

So I guess the question we need to address both Rose Marie (a real estate broker) and Dorothy (a real estate broker) is why they are so concerned as the respective community boards they are on, like a some soiled hooker, cannot say no to any lecherous developer no matter its impact on the 'community' they represent on their 'community' boards.

Or is their real concern to make the power plants look friendly and 'under control' of the watchful local eyes so that the enormous development they know is planned can continue up the East River linking Queens West to Pot Cove.

Just askin'.

PS Rose Marie used to work for Peter Vallone, another factoid that should put you all at ease.

Anonymous said...

We aren't talking about drinking water, it's the water in the East River they're concerned about, it's suspected that the actions of the plant may kill the fish living there.

Anonymous said...

We aren't talking about drinking water, it's the water in the East River they're concerned about, it's suspected that the actions of the plant may kill the fish living there.

oh, ok. I thought someone was concerned for the residents or something like that. Thanks for putting this into perspective. It that is the case then those involved are equal to the task.

Anonymous said...

Rose Marie now works or controls just about every politician in Astoria. She leads Costa around like a puppy, she is bought and paid for

Anonymous said...

Illegals should leave

Anonymous said...

how much carbon emission came to nyc's west side on last sunday, when 400 diesel oil buses spewing exaust carried 350,000 fake "climate/global warming ,anti - fracking, myth culters from the east coast ?

did Al Gore /B.Kennedy jr./Mayor Deblasio leave any environmental debris ,when they left on their giant S.U.V.'s & jet planes ?

I just filled my tank with $3.52 fuel ,the lowest price in three years. the oil is now $97. /barrel ..lowest in 2 years.

the fracking of U.S.shale is now flooding the market with cheaper /cost effective fuel. the unemployment rate is now 3% in N.Dakota and other fracking states.

lets go A.Cuomo, give the taxpayers of nys a gas cost decrease.

do not believe the myths of the communist infiltrated environmentalists.

Anonymous said...

The new Canadian hydro powered electrical cable source recently approved from our north along with the cross Hudson River power feeds from the midwest might provide enough electricity to allow for Big Allis to be closed down and dismantled.

That would open up a huge section of the East River to be repurposed for high density housing. Thousands of units could be built north of the Koch/Queensborough Bridge.

This would provide the much needed housing for the developing tech industry in western Queens as well as the emerging medical tech research campus at Sunnyside Yards.