Saturday, September 27, 2014

City Council attempts to end harassment of rent regulated tenants

From AMNY:

Landlords who try to harass their rent-regulated tenants into abandoning their homes will be publicly shamed and hit with heavier fines, under a bill approved unanimously Tuesday by the New York City Council.

The bill, passed 49-0, doubles the maximum fine a landlord can face, to $10,000 from $5,000 per violation, in housing court. The city's Housing Preservation and Development agency would also be required to post online the names of the harassing landlords, who often can start charging market rates once the apartments are vacated.


Anonymous said...

"I was just about to sign for a rent regulated apartment in NYC, but then I spotted the landlord on the online registry and I decided I'd be better off putting the money toward a furnished basement one mile further away from the train station or pay 100% more for the same thing in the building next door."

--- Does this sound like a realistic scenario to you?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Local Law 7 signed by NY City Council, signed in 2008?

Anonymous said...

I don't think "publicly shamed" will have much effect. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Why don't we start a list of nightmare tenants!

Anonymous said...

Phase out all rent control, regulation, and subsidies over 10 years.

The distortion of the housing market created by the government is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem.