Thursday, September 11, 2014

Litter plaguing Elmhurst as well

From NY1:

A trail of trash leads to a lack of litter baskets say residents living near the Woodhaven Boulevard Station in Queens.

"The surrounding area is a total dump,” said one resident.

"Here we live in a civilized world and this trash has been here, it looks like months,” said another.

Closer to weeks since a severe littering problem has resurfaced here. A year ago, NY1 told you about the loads of litter lying on the ground, offending those who live and work in the area.

"It's kind of disturbing to look at. It's usually pretty filthy,” said a resident.

"People going to the mall, coming off the subway and just throwing the trash around the station because there's really nowhere for them to throw it away,” said resident Daniel Hirsch.

At the time, we contacted the Department of Sanitation and the agency sent a crew to clean up the area. A spokesman said DSNY crews had recently removed trash bins due to excessive misuse. However, he went on to say Sanitation would put some litter baskets back on a trial basis.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't DSNY cleaning this area on a DAILY basis???
Hundreds of thousands of people walk through here every day. Or is DSNY waiting for the Doe Fund Organization to be brought in so they can get off the hook like in so many other Queens neighborhoods? Do your job DSNY. That's why we pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Third World is as Third World does.

Joe Moretti said...

Where is Melinda Katz during all of this, I mean she is the Borough President, and it is not like it is just Jamaica and one other place, it seems to be widespread all over Queens.

As usual a total lack of pro-active leadership.

Anonymous said...

Do your job DSNY. That's why we pay taxes.


If your councilman looks the other way nothing gets done.

Get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Where is Melinda Katz and councilman Daniel Dromm? Lets be very careful when voting for candidates when these two terms are up and lets vote in someone who isnt completely full of shit.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from an area that has no zoning restrictions, 3 malls in close vicinity, subways, buses, Queens Blvd and soon to be 3 chain restaurants in the way?! This area needs more attention and more often clean ups and garbage collection. That would be the logical solution and not to mention putting bigger trash cans, not those small shitty ones that where there for years and couldnt fit much. I mean now there is no garbage cans of course ppl.will not think twice of dumping their cheap fast food on the floor and there recently purchased cheap made in China crap boxes their merchandise came in from the chain stores they just purchased it at.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and Diverse! These people are disgusting pigs!

Oh wait - pigs are actually very clean (and adorable).

They're Third World Ghetto Trash with their useless spawn who have been taught the same disgusting behaviors!

Anonymous said...

"People... just throwing the trash around the station because there's really nowhere for them to throw it away,” I guess I'm from another time/space continuum, where people follow a "carry in - carry out" way of traveling, unless there are appropriate receptacles available. Yeah, shame on DEP, but bigger shame on us!

Anonymous said...

Explains why Melinda is not interested in Elmhurst trash. She wants photo ops showing what a fun cultured place Queens is!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am very pleased to present tonight's "Silent Disco" event in partnership with Lincoln Center, City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer and NYC Parks.

The free event from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Hunter's Point South Park in Long Island City is the first of its kind that Lincoln Center has sponsored in Queens. Two DJs, Bill Coleman and Bobby Morales, will be battling it out for popularity by spinning two different sets of music on two different headphone channels. Each set of headphones will light up in a particular color depending on which DJ is being listened to, so we will all know which DJ is doing the best!

I hope you can come check it out!


Anonymous said...

litter plagues wherever the animals live.

Joe Moretti said...

ANON stated:

litter plagues wherever the animals live
No, animals for the most part are clean, they don't eat and shit in the same place.

Uneducated low-class third world immigrants and sub-humans are the culprits in Queens.

Mike Francesa said...

DSNY doesn't pick up trash unless it's put in the trash can exactly how they like it. I've seen guys throw temper tantrums and either not pick up the trash or kick the can over if they didn't feel like taking it away.