Thursday, September 11, 2014

Watch your step in Forest Park

From the Queens Courier:

Forest Park is home to an 18-hole golf course, but a 19th hole in the park is cause for some concern.

For about two years now, there has been a gaping sinkhole along the entrance path to the park from Woodhaven Boulevard. It was most likely caused by runoff into or deterioration of a catch basin beneath the roadway, according to a representative from the Parks Department.
Locals say it is a major hazard because of where it is situated.

“The sinkhole is right across the street from the carousel, which is a major attraction for children,” said Ed Wendell, a frequent visitor of Forest Park. “It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured and everyone starts saying, ‘Why wasn’t this fixed already?’”

The hole is currently barricaded off and has caution tape around it. It takes up almost the whole sidewalk, forcing people to walk in a single-file line to get past it.

The Parks Department is working on plans to fix it.


Anonymous said...

Make a list of 5 stupid things your councilman has come out for (you know, support for transgendered Marines, Belize Independence Day, shit like that)

Hold up a picture of this at their next news conference. Ask them about priorities.

That's how you do it sonny.

Anonymous said...

I give Parks, let's say, until next summer for them to fix this problem. Where has the Queens Parks Commissioner been lately?

Anonymous said...

They'll fix it just as soon as they get done with Little Bay Park.

Anonymous said...

Where has the Queens Parks Commissioner been lately?

Planting Xmas trees in Astoria Park for George Stamatiades.

I kid you not - its in Queens ...

where reality trumps fiction every time.

Joe said...

That park is looking disgusting The parking area by the golf course (lovers lane) still has the same garbage, leaves and these contractor dumplings off from 3 years ago, cracked walkways, broken lights, easily replaceable (2 screws) 2X6 wooden bench board still rotting and peeling green paint since the 1980s

Parks and the local politicians like Katz & Crowley should grow some balls and fess up where our tax dollars are being re-directed and expose whose giving these "leave it alone" orders. This way those ordering this outrageous neglect can be confronted and embarrassed in public --Mayor included.

Parks in Manhattan's parks aren't neglected like this, oh god forbid tower people, child or some tourist from France falls in a crater or sees garbage in Bryant, Central, Gantry or Ferry landing Park.

Anonymous said...

I lived a block away from Forest Park in Kew Gardens from 2002 - 2013, and witnessed the deterioration of Forest Park. Trash cans along Forest Park Drive no longer being emptied regularly, and then disappearing altogether. Broken liquor and beer bottles, cigarette butts, discarded clothing, and used condoms litter unlit pedestrian paths throughout the park. The interior of the park was strewn with trash and there were numerous signs of homeless encampments near the LIRR tracks. Queens residents get screwed by Parks and by their own city council members. - Andrew

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Why not put a metal plate over that hole? These are used all the time in the streets and sidewalks during utility work. It would make the area safe. Just need to cold patch the edge so itks not a trip hazard. Another concern: Have the other storm drains and the ground adjacent to the sidewa along that road been inspected for similar conditions forming?