Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Elmhurst LIRR station in the works?

From the Queens Courier:

The wheels of the LIRR might soon be making a stop once again in Elmhurst — or at least in the next five years.

In the MTA’s 2015-2019 $32 billion Capital Program, released earlier this week, $40 million is being set aside to construct a new Long Island Rail Road station on the Port Washington Branch.

“A new Elmhurst station will provide commuter railroad service to this vibrant community,” the MTA said in the five-year plan said.

The proposed station elements include two new 12-car platforms, staircases, platform railings, platform shelters, ticket vending machines, lighting, communication and security systems, and site improvements, according to the capital plan.


Jaime Lannister said...

So now we can bust the Pan Am moochers for theft of services too.

Anonymous said...

Will it be accessible, per ADA? And what' s up with the elevator(s) for Main St.?

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

No one will take the LIRR - it's $15.00 (round trip) for a 22-minute ride from Flushing to Penn Station.

Does anyone think that the residents of Elmhurst are going to piss away money like that just to pay a lot of fraudulent disability pensions for LIRR retirees?

Get real!

JQ said...

A new Elmhurst station will provide commuter railroad service to this vibrant community

a town has to become "vibrant" in order to get services it should have had anyway.

if only there was any vibrancy in city goverernment.

Anonymous said...

"Vibrant" Elmhurst, huh? But is it diverse?

Anonymous said...

“A new Elmhurst station will provide commuter railroad service to this vibrant community,” the MTA said in the five-year plan said.

He said the magic word!

Groucho Marx said...

Say the secret word and win one hundred dollars.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, give illegal garbage access to Long Islands North Shore.
Vibrant my ass, this would be a disaster !!

Anonymous said...

they closed it 25 years ago in the first place because no one ever used it because much cheaper and more convenient subway options were right nearby. If anything the neighborhood is poorer and the new people there more thrifty than ever before. What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

In the new millennium, Vibrant means Third World Shit Hole.

Anonymous said...

Greeeeaaaaaaattt. new commuters here and tons more at Willet's point once they cram another 20,000 people in there. Will there be more trains? More seats? No, just higher prices and longer lines.

Our electeds and government bodies are ALWAYS looking out for Bayside, Flushing, and little neck residents... (and if you believe that there is a Nigerian prince who has a wonderful business opportunity for you.)

Anonymous said...

The same conditions that made the LIRR close Elmhurst Station in 1985 exist today. Tell me. What's changed in 29 years?

Anonymous said...

"Tell me. What's changed in 29 years"

Is this a joke ?
For one, you now have over 1000 times the amount of available illegals (criminals)competing and willing to work cheap and off the books without insurance, health certificates etc.
These people can live cheap sleeping 6 to a pig pen room comfortably, it normal to them.

Every contractor, restaurant, cleaning company and brat soccer mom (north shore bitch)in need of domestic help Manhattan to Port Washington are licking lips over this. That cesspool called Elmhurst is as low as it gets west of the Hudson aside New Haven Ct.
The country is sinking faster then the Titanic, NYC will be bankrupt soon.

Anonymous said...

Diverse is a code word for " no whites allowed".

Anonymous said...


BS. Do you think the employers of illegals are going to care if their commutes are 30 minutes shorter?

Anonymous said...

So to summarize the comments so far: nobody will use the new station, and the trains will be overcrowded as a result. Also, ethnic types are too poor to use the LIRR, but they'll definitely be taking the train deep into Nassau County.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes: "Will it be accessible, per ADA?"


"There will also be elevator service at the Elmhurst station, which will be part of the Port Washington line."

Whether the elevators will actually work remains to be seen. A better idea would be ramps, like at the Forest Hills station.

Anonymous said...

"vibrant community MY ASS !!
He means future democrat voters dependent on social services and free stuff for life.

Why should these $$ Millions reward a community of 3rd world trash baby making professionals who broke dozens of laws to illegally enter this country? To add: most refuse to use birth control and work, learn English, pay taxes or even belong here in the first place REWARD THEM ?

Nobody wants these dirty bedbug and TB infested people on the Port Washington LIRR line. Tax paying hard working class people pay BIG $$ a month to get to work. Over $300 a month from Manhasset-Port Washington zone + ass busting huge home mortgage payments not to deal with "diverse shit" as well as send their kids to good "educating schools" with 18 or so per classroom. The last thing they need is 3rd world garbage coming out on the train scavenging for work or robbing houses. The real reason old Elmhusr station closed decades ago was because working class white family's became fed up with crime and 'diversity" . They bailed out that once nice neighborhood to points east and ridership dropped.

I wonder where this asshole politico pushing for this Elmhurst station lives. Some gated private community in Chappaqua or Larchmount perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 18:

Actually people in Elmhurst and Newtown who had a station here decades ago, before the LIRR closed it, are pushing for it. Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

I live in Manhasset and paid HUGE $$$ to move here, live in peace, and commute to NYC via the Port Washington line (AKA Christian Express).
Anybody who still resides in Elmhurst or Newtown since 1985 must be a "diversity loving democrat" who deserves to ride the bus or subway with the bedbugs or get mugged walking when its dark. Consider that your punishment for electing (trusting and re-electing)same shit that has totally screwed up your own neighborhoods and backyards!!
Yeah keep watching the ballgame on the 55 inch idiot box as your neighborhood goes down the toilet. Then beg your corrupt whoring elected's for things to make your misery and suffering easier. ---Haa-haa good luck now Charlie, dont hold your breath to long!!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 20: I had the feeling that you were someone who didn't want the train to stop in Elmhurst. Deal with it, and don't hold your breath too (not "to") long waiting for someone to put an end to (not "too") put an end to this plan.

Do you mean to tall me that Christians are the only people who board the train at places like Port Washington and Great Neck? Really?

And just imagine. This may inspire someone else to campaign to reopen the other Port Washington Line station that the LIRR closed in Queens: Corona!!! Enjoy!!! I will on my 20-inch TV. Guys in the mansions on the Island have crap like that.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

It has to be accessible, either with elevators or ramps. Any new station is required to be.

Queens Crapper said...

I just don't understand who they expect to ride the line into Manhattan when the cheaper subway is a few blocks away, more frequent and less crowded. The only time they'll get riders is during CityTicket time on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Same reason why people get on the LIRR in forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Woodside, I guess, Crapper.

Queens Crapper said...

Woodside is a transfer point with many more people heading out to LI than Penn, and the other stations have much wealthier residents. Neither condition exists in Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

$40 million dollars to serve a handful of "professional" working class taxpaying Americans in Elmhurst will never happen.
Those people would truly be better off retiring then leaving the country, learning Spanish, tanning and coming back as an illegal immigrant and scoring all the free stuff.
That's how insane things have become in Queens, New Haven and all of Southern California

Anonymous said...

The Flushing LIRR station is right near the subway, too, and Flushing isn't much of an affluent area.

The subway is cheaper, more frequent, and serves more areas, but the LIRR is faster and more comfortable. It's not for everyone, but there's certainly a market for it.

Anonymous said...

How is it comfortable if you have to stand the whole way? Or faster if you still need to transfer to a subway?

Anonymous said...

Flushing main street has 60k subway riders entering the station per day.

That's more than the entire port Washington branch.

You could get ridership comparable to other lirr stations in Nassau and eastern queens if service is frequent (by lirr not subway standards)

People will ride it if they are going somewhere near Penn, are in a hurry, and have some disposable income. More people will take the subway, but some will take lirr. You have a better chance getting a seat on the lirr there than on the slower subway.

500+ boardings per day wouldn't be surprising.