Wednesday, September 24, 2014


From Curbed:

After being soundly rejected by residents of Sunnyside, Queens, a currently homeless 1931 case study house known as the Aluminaire, which has been credited with bringing the International Style stateside, could be headed all the way to Palm Springs, California. The mayor of Palm Springs wants to raise $600K to bring the home out of storage and add it to Palm Springs' already strong collection of modernist homes.

Curbed LA has the full story.


r185 said...

I think it would have been a great addition to the corner of 21st Street across from PS1 in LIC.

Anonymous said...

They should have let it be built in SSG - that jerk Van Bamer fought it and now shit will take its place.

These politicians have too much control over our lives making decisions on how to allocate money and resources in areas that they have no knowledge.

The time when campaign donations decides how things get done is counterproductive and obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Use it as a comfort station in one of our beautiful city parks in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Just build a phonebooth already

Luigi said...

Questa parole e "arrivederci", carisimo.