Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did someone run out of money?


"Land For Sale On Busy Grand Avenue In Maspeth Queens. 75X150 Lot Size With Approved Plans For 2 Commercial And 3 Residential Dwellings In Prime Maspeth Location. Able To Build 3 (2) Family Homes On Adjacent 53rd Road. Property Is Being Sold As Is At Current Time Of Development. This Price Includes Foundations, Structural Steel, And Wood Framing On All 5 Properties." (It actually appears to be 6 residential dwellings if you believe the DOB permit.)

The price? $8,000,000.


Anonymous said...

$8,400 in taxes???

Ned said...

WTF ? Was some a'O trying to build some hideous box right to the property line ?
No front space, gate or stoop, cant even sit outside, play cards & drink a cold Schlitz on a hot summer night ?
Absolutely disguising ! Dumping a barracks shit next to 2 classic pieces of fine 1920's Bavarian craftsmanship should be a crime !! I almost bought one of them brick row houses 12 years ago, problem was a slob colored family who already destroyed a floor came part of the deal.