Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enterovirus now in NYC

From PIX11:

Enterovirus EV-D68 has been confirmed in more than one dozen New York children — with one case in New York City — the Department of Health announced Wednesday.

The children are located in the Capitol Region, Central New York and New York City. Other regions in the state also submitted specimens for testing, which can take up to a week to confirm.

EV-D68 is causes severe respiratory illness, which sometimes results in hospitalization, especially among children with asthma. Currently there is no vaccine or treatment for the virus.

A New Jersey child was also diagnosed Wednesday with enterovirus EV-D68.


Anonymous said...

Brought to you by President Barry and his open borders policy.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when millions of illegal children are let loose throughout the country and allowed to go into the public school systems. Thank you all you piece of garbage Democrats who don't give a crap about American citizens Well being!

Anonymous said...

Its spreading like wildfire.
One kid is North shore right now and you guessed a fresh crop of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Manorhaven and the Newsday and the media isn't saying shit !!
That whole port Washington school must be infected--Thanks and FU Obama !!!
Remember in November!!