Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tale of the tape on the parking sign

"This is on Cherry Avenue and Robinson Street in Flushing. Either someone got a little creative with painter's tape, or they are trying to make themselves a parking space." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

Whoever lives in the area or on the block should call 311 to have the sign repaired so no one gets a ticket. There only has to be one clear sign on the block for tickets to be given.

Anonymous said...

Call 311 yeah ok like they would really send anyone and the sign doesn't need to be repaired the contractors workers just need to stop putting the tape on it . BTW kind of odd that this week 2 old empty houses just down the street magically went up in flames .

Anonymous said...

Street cleaning is stupidest shit ever nothing ever gets cleaned, just picks up dust, i honor who ever taped this =]