Saturday, June 23, 2012

SLA goofs on liquor license

From DNA Info:

The State Liquor Authority iced a liquor store’s plan to set up shop between two churches in Corona — in violation of state law — after congregants, church officials and local pols raised a furor.

Under the law, liquor stores and bars must be at least 200 feet from churches and schools, but Bao Liquors was looking to open up on 97th Street and Northern Boulevard, a block that is home to four houses of worship.

The application for the store, which moved from its former location at 98th Street, has now been put on hold as the SLA conducts an investigation.

The store sits directly between two churches — the Iglesia Biblica Cristiana and the Levantado Hombres de Valor, which have been open for years — and is on the same block as the Iglesia Adventista Hispana and the Pentecostal Church of Christ.

The store, a former bodega that has not yet opened, immediately drew fire from regular churchgoers when a sign went up last week indicating the shop was becoming a liquor store.


Anonymous said...

Churches? Really?

Anonymous said...

Yeh. These so called churches are just another illegal way for owners to skirt taxes
Who's living in these so called houses of worship?
Because it's a "church" thee are exempt from paying certain property taxes.
Queens has hundreds if these types of fronts

King Ning said...

The "church"(Iglesia de Pentacostal de Jesus Christ de la Cabeza Santa del Robot, Inc.) on the left looks like it provides wash and fold service, too.

Anonymous said...

Worse then this, the bar I grew up in (JFK's on 209th and Jamaica Avenue) is now a church.

Joe Moretti said...

This is such bullshit, how does opening a liquor store near a church have any bearing what-so-ever on the "church". Only in Queens, do you see such bullshit "churches" all over the community in store fronts, one after another. As usual with shit like this, there is something shady, just as there is with all the nail salon stores, all the delis, furniture stores, beauty supply stores, etc.

Now this is something the media should do a story on.

We have become a third world nation.