Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More garbage crap from Jamaica

Dear Councilman Leroy Comrie, Councilman James Gennaro, Councilman Ruben Wills, Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall, Senator Malcolm Smith, Assemblymember Rory Lancman, Assemblymember Vivian Cook, Iggy Terranova, Community Board #12 Members and Other Concerned Individuals:

What will it take to clean-up the empty lot (169-23 90th Avenue, Block 9803, Lot 1 & 2) located at the NW corner of 170th St & 90th Avenue in Jamaica, Queens, as well as the front of the empty lot two doors west of the aforementioned lot, on 90th Avenue (16-11 90th Avenue, Block 9803, Lot 6 & 7) and the empty lot at the corner of Merrick Blvd & Foch Blvd. These are all major problem garbage/dumping areas.

I have been complaining about the lot next to me (Avalon Terrace Apartments at 89-00 170th St) since March of 2011 to little avail. Garbage still sits in the empty lot and more trash gets thrown into it all the time. The garbage/litter includes several garbage bags (that have been sitting there since June of 2011), a huge Casio keyboard, various bottles, cans, not too mention the extremely high weeds in the lot which cover some of the other garbage. Also a big on-going problem is the outside sidewalk that surrounds this lot and the sidewalk in front of the other lot. The sidewalks have various types of garbage on the sidewalk plus the weeds are getting extremely high there as well (pictures are attached). With summer here, not only does all this garbage attract rodents and insects, but the high weeds pose health risks not too mention they cover up a lot of the garbage that is being thrown there by people who park there cars as well as individuals walking by. The Department of Sanitation (DOS) coming once in awhile to remove the larger garbage on the sidewalks is just a band-aid on the situation and does not solve this issue. With a property owner who is pretty much absent and does not come out to take care of this property, this issue will continue again and again. The owner came out one time back in June of 2011 and did a half-ass job to begin with, leaving the garbage bags inside the lot and pushing the other litter underneath all of the weeds. My question, why is this property owner getting away with this and it not being held accountable and why has this been going on for over year? Can someone give me a straight answer. The owner of the property tore down a very nice house with a manicured lawn several years ago and this is the result of this behavior which by the way has become too prevalent in Jamaica.

According to records the property belongs to (I am sure the company is a fake):

Jotirmoy Inc
4004 73rd St

Woodside, NY 11377-3051

The person attached to this address is:

Sunil Agarwal [phone number redacted]

So who is going to grow some major balls and get off their ass and do something about this. Because so far no one is really doing too much about this. As far as the politicians, the only ones who have contacted me several times are the office of Councilman Gennaro and Assemblymember Lancman and this particular lot is not even in their district. Councilman Comrie did at least send me an email that he was going to follow up as well well as the office of Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. Senator Malcom A. Smith, who held a town hall meeting about two months ago that I attended on the problems of Jamaica, has not responded at all, so much Malcom for getting involved in the problems of Jamaica, I guess the Town Hall Meeting was just typical political lips service and that is all. Heard nothing from Assemblymember Vivian Cook (who has southwestern Jamaica, a big mess and has a major garbage/dumping problem. Heard nothing from Ruben Wills, who well, has his own issues with some kind of scandal, corruption thing, good work Ruben, you are as upstanding as some of the individuals who live in Jamaica. I guess your person issues are getting in the way of addressing Jamaica's problems.

I have heard many times from so many various people at DOS and have heard every kind of lip service from it takes time, we need to give it to another division, we cannot go on the lot, our budget has been cut, etc, etc, etc, but the problem with this lot and the garbage issue in Jamaica still continues and does not get resolved.

If Jamaica had a large white population, first off this garbage situation would more than likely not happen and second, if it did, I would be sure that the politicians and city officials would do something fast, for they would not last long in their positions. But because the majority of people in Jamaica are of color, immigrants and in the lower socioeconomic level, this type of situations seems to be acceptable with our officials and nothing really gets done.

Now, I am very aware that some or a good bit of the people in this community are the issue. They have no respect or pride for their neighborhood and treat it like a garbage dump as well as some who do not make a complaint when they see such things going on, do not want to get involved or have the attitude of "what are you going to do". So until Jamaica attracts quality people as opposed to the very low bottom of the barrel brand, this behavior will continue again and again and again. But this problem is two fold and another major problem are the politicians, the community leaders and the city, who are not really stepping up to the plate on this issue to address it, find solutions and resolve it. If you were all on Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice" and your assignment was to clean-up Jamaica, you would all hear the phrase, "You're Fired".


Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

Jotirmoy is not a fake corporation. Here's how you look up companies:

The New York State Secretary of State maintains a database of all corporations that are either incorporated here, or have his department's authorization to operate here (if they are incorporated out of state). Here's the URL for doing a search:

As for Jotirmoy, the person to contact is apparently Gouranga Kundu at that address. The details on the corporation are at:

Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on the so called leader of your community
Make them roll up their sleeve and clean up the mess that they have been turning a blind eye to for so long.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

how dare you! the vibrant diversity want to be reminded of the slums they came from. they want to make filthy conditions just like in the 3rd World.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Thank you Mr. Mayor for the new trees..but who is cleaning the dirt & poo from the grass surrounding..clearly not the parks or sanitation...it's fun navigating this while exiting a car!

Anonymous said...

A good portion of the half million trees planted over the last 5 years are already dead! The city shoves trees into the ground with no maintenance plan in hand..
Mayor BluMbeeg: if they survive, so be it...

Anonymous said...


Here is the Link: http://www.wpix.com/videobeta/03ba50fe-f9cc-4f5f-b066-da2583f3c967/News/Dirty-Jamaica-trash-lot-aggravates-residents