Thursday, June 21, 2012

MTA loses millions due to bus farebeating

From the Daily News:

THE MTA LOSES about $50 million in revenue each year to bus farebeaters — more than triple what it previously estimated, the Daily News has learned.

The staggering figure is partly the result of a new way the authority calculates fare-dodging, but also indicates that the longstanding problem has worsened because of lax enforcement, sources said.

The authority previously had estimated that bus farebeaters were stealing $14 million worth of free rides annually.

Gauging bus freeloading levels has been an inexact science. Drivers are supposed to keep tallies by pushing a button every time someone boards without paying. The authority also has used video to estimate the frequency of bus farebeating.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I never see this in Manhattan.

So, what is a driver supposed to do about it?Confront and risk assault over a $2.25 fare?

Out of a 12.6 Billion budget I wouldn't put more than minimal effort into this problem.

Install video cameras on some routes, perhaps a cop here-and-there, that's it.

Anonymous said...

The bus drivers do their jobs but the readers taking in the metro-cards don't always work well. For the most part there is mostly transfers on buses from other buses or trains. The real issues are fare beating in the subways - I see it every day. The latest scams are well dressed people asking if I have a monthly card (so that they can ride free - I tell them Fuc* you - get your own card).

Anonymous said...

I hold a monthly metro card. When the bus is full or these bastard immigrants dont courteously move to the back, I ask the driver to open the back door.

Anonymous said...

In some neighborhoods, you are el estúpido by paying for a bus ride.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a question of "them" getting away with something. This is the result of those of us in the outer boroughs getting the short end of City (MTA) services, as usual, and our politicians racing to show they are champions of middle-class values and probity. Some areas are not exactly saturated with MetroCard vendors, and retailers are, generally speaking, not thrilled to change bills. PLUS, for a $2.25 fare, figure it's going to cost the City several grand per summons. We really should have free mass transit - seems it doesn't matter how much money the MTA makes, anyway. PLUS has anyone seen these studies on how much is lost to fare cheats? Or should we trust the MTA without question?

Anonymous said...

tell me that the Bronx and certain areas of Queens have the highest amount of fare beaters.

Anonymous said...

If this WERE a Manhattan problem, the mayor would take the cops from the one sector car that each Queens precinct seems to get these days, and fly them into Manhattan to ride these busses.
Alas, this is justan outer borough problem, so the city will just propose solutions that will never get off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the back of the bus fare beaters, we've all seen parents skipping fares. You know, Mama and her brood of 6 kids boarding for one Metro card dip.

According to the MTA website: "Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult."

There needs to be a sign indicating 44" on the bus (in English and Spanish) so this can be enforced without an inconvenience to the drivers.

Anonymous said...

The driver can stop the bus, ask those who didn't pay to pay or get off. If that doesn't happen, then the driver takes the bus out of service. Everyone off and wait for the next bus.

If the driver is threatened by anyone over that, then the resolution of the problem is 911.

Anonymous said...

The B/O is instructed to state the fare and if that doesn't work they simply say step into the back and press F5 on the farebox.

How ironic that these fare beaters wear
expensive clothes and sneakers,etc.

Anonymous said...

Fare beating is and always will be. There are no copds on busses. A random sweep twice a month would be the minimum enforcement.Warrant checks on everyone and those witout id go through the system.No "time Served" sentences....Make them PAY a fine and you'll see fare evasion go doen.And yeah,50 million is easythe $$$lost.

Anonymous said...

I was in Manhattan on a bus who's driver was someone of an attitude of entitlement not seen since Pres. Johnson enacted the civil right's bill and let everyone on who's card did not have enough fare to allow for a ride. On come the upper east side 85 yr old lady who could not get the card into the slot correctly and berated the be-jesus of her until she amble off the bus in disgust. Is this normal for most bus drivers? No, but there are a few of these types that simple hate people especially those who do not look like themselves.

Some folks posted that perhaps the buses in Queens and the Bronx should be free - perhaps they are right - since the MTA runs itself into the ground they should cut their admin expenses and run these bus for free!