Thursday, June 14, 2012

Macedonia project may become big headache

From the Daily News:

The 14-floor Macedonia Plaza, which recently received the funding it needs to move ahead with construction at 37-08 Union St., is not expected to include parking — a provision that worries nearby merchants in congested downtown Flushing.

“Everything’s just going to be very, very hard,” said Ikhwan Rim, president of the Union Street Small Business Association, which represents about 150 shops. “If you make it really harder to do business, everybody will go out of business.”

Customers have already begun complaining about the lack of parking, said Rim, who runs a jewelry store. And he fears it will get worse as construction continues.

“If people can’t find a parking space, why would they want to come here?” he asked.

But Macedonia Plaza has received support from local leaders who pointed out that the stalled Flushing Commons project next door is to include a 1,600-spot underground parking lot. It will also include commercial space, residential units and a YMCA.

City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) said the neighborhood desperately needs the 143 units of affordable housing that the plaza will provide.


Anonymous said...

Kim is basically
all show and no blow.

For all of their demonstrative protesting...the Koreans have proven to be quite ineffective
against the Chinese developer giants.

I was present at the CB#7 hearings and so was Kim.

It was made very clear that the Macedonia project WOULD NOT include parking.

So why is he so surprised?

Anyway, the Chinese want the Koreans out...PERIOD!

They see it as their turf.

The Koreans were pushed
off of Main Street decades ago by the Taiwanese-Chinese.

The little Korean business strip
along Union Street is about to become history.

Anonymous said...

Oops....did I say Kim?
I meant Rim.

Anonymous said...

The community desperately needs 143 units of housing???

No it doesen't.

Anonymous said...

Yet another fine example of the leadership of this boro - Queens is without a doubt the ugliest boro in the city.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Francis Marrone talking up downtown Flushing again.

Anonymous said...

This is not about Chinese vs Korean. the Macedonia project is not a Chinese project. The parking affect Chinese business more than Korean. Chinese business are mostly located in downtown, but Korean are mostly on Northen Blvd, where parking is much easier.

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy...
I think that we already know that the Macedonia AFRICAN Methodist Episcopal Church, who are building this project, ARE CERTAINLY NOT Chinese.

But TDC, who is going to build Flushing Commons IS A CHINESE (Shanghai based) COMPANY.

I don't know what planet YOU hail from, but the Chinese HAVE BEEN steadily pushing the Koreans out of the central downtown hub for years.

A lot of Koreans already moved east.

Actually the Korean population is declining, while the Chinese are increasing.

Go do some fact checking before you mouth off.

Taiwanese-Chinese ARE DIRECTLY responsible for the overcrowding and lack of parking do to them over developing the area.

CB#7....some crooked pols, etc. are their accomplices for permitting it!

Anonymous said...

YES, the less privileged community DOES NEED 143 units of housing.

Muni Lot#1 was seized through the pretext of eminent domain in the early 1950s.

That racist move displaced an old African-American community.

The Bland Houses were supposed to be built upon that site.
They weren't, as you know.

So it's time that some restitution is made to poorer folk with regard to providing them housing.

Anonymous said...

Might this really be all about
the well known deep seated racism
that a lot of Asians feel toward African-Americans?

will Koreans feel comfortable about shopping right next

These units are for everyone, not just African-Americans.

Anonymous said...

As someone who works in the real estate field I will agree that affordable housing units can't hurt for downtown Flushing but I think it's funny that now the Asians are the ones complaining about development and parking. How does it feel to be on the other side of the table

Anonymous said...

Why does the city want to match the population density of the slums of Seoul and Taipei in Flushing?