Monday, June 18, 2012

Concern over natural gas pipeline

From the Daily News:

A plan to extend an underwater natural gas pipeline beneath a national park in the Rockaways is getting a chilly reception from environmentalists.

Local environmentalists said they are concerned the pipeline could disrupt a nearby artificial reef filled with marine life.

“We’re worried about the environmental footprint that this project will have out in the Atlantic Ocean,” said Dan Mundy Jr., vice president of the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers, a group formed to protect the bay.

The Williams Companies, an Oklahoma-based energy corporation, has proposed building a 3-mile pipeline that would connect the Rockaways to the existing natural gas Transco line in the ocean that runs parallel to the Rockaways.

It is to go under a golf course in Jacob Riis Park in the Gateway National Recreation Area.

The company also proposed turning an unused hangar on Floyd Bennett Field, in Brooklyn, into a meter station.

“The City of New York is moving off of fuel oils,” said Williams spokesman Chris Stockton. “The demand for natural gas in New York City is going up.”

Energy company National Grid would build an additional 1.5-mile pipe connecting the Rockaways to the station, said company spokeswoman Karen Young. National Grid also plans to connect the meter station to a gas main in Marine Park, Brooklyn, that delivers fuel to customers.


Anonymous said...

If you don't like methane, don't drink coffee, don't eat beans and stop burping! Flatulence causes more greenhouse gasses than cars or homes.

Anonymous said...

Flatulence causes more greenhouse gasses than cars or homes.
Just ask Claire...

Anonymous said...

why did not the local Bayside/Auburndale environmental activists condemn the NATURAL GAS pipeline that was placed across the avenue, under a median ,
from a 350 pupil public school and 50 school bus terminal? the location is F.Lewis Blvd. /42 Avenue.

a Baptist Church is located on the 42 Avenue/202 st. route, a block east bound.
at 203 st. there are two, four story garden apartment buildings.

the NATURAL GAS pipeline then turns south on 203street to 43 Avenue ,past 1-2 family homes and another three , four story apartment buildings.

the NATURAL GAS pipeline then turns east ,on 43 Avenue , to Clearview Pkwy Service Road ,where it turns south and crosses Northern Blvd.

we residents never heard a peep from the enviromentalists????

BTW prominent environmentalists and civic and
c.p.b. members live on the pipeline route.

is wildlife at Jamaica Bay more important than human life in Bayside/Auburndale ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous3: There are gas mains under every street and gas lines going to every building in the city. Maybe you should move.

Anon123 said...

With increasing demand in electricity and the uncertain future of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, we will be more dependent on existing and future natural gas power plants dotting the city landscape. I'd say bring on the pipeline. The last thing you want is more blackouts costing lives and devastating the economy.