Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alley Pond playground reopens after fire

From Bayside Patch:

The Alley Pond Park playground reopened late last week after having been shuttered in September due to an apparent act of arson.

Councilman Mark Weprin, D-Oakland Gardens, who obtained funds to repair the playground, joined Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and local leaders Friday to reopen the site.

A total $175,000 was spent to replace the playground equipment, which was damaged during an overnight fire on Sept. 28.

City Department of Parks and Recreation officials believe that the fire was an act of arson, but no arrests have been made in the incident.


georgetheatheist said...


$175,000 for the kids to jump up and down on?

A few cardboard refrigerator boxes would have saved a bundle.

What ever happened to Johnny-rides-a-pony?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the community every parent dreams of. First they firebomb the playground, than they take a year to replace it.
Just what every parent wants.

Scroono said...

The state-unregulated Johnny-rides-a-pony has been outlawed as an acceptable children's activity due to mandated helmet laws. The role of the "pillow" has been deemed also to be in violation of the Civil Rights Act and anti-descrimination legislation.