Friday, June 29, 2012

Bloomberg looks like really big asshole

From Gotham Schools:

An arbitrator has ruled that the city’s plans to reform 24 struggling schools by shaking up their staffs violated its collective bargaining agreements with the teachers and principals unions.

The arbitrator’s decision adds a new and abrupt twist to months of uncertainty at the schools. It also guarantees that the city cannot claim more than $40 million in federal funds that the overhaul process, known as “turnaround,” was aimed at securing.

The turnaround rules require the schools to replace half of their teachers, and the city was trying to use a clause in its contract with the teachers union, known as 18-D, to make that happen. In recent weeks, “18-D committees” told hundreds and possibly thousands of teachers and staff members at the schools they could not return next year.

Under the arbitrator’s ruling, all of those staff members are now free to take their jobs back.

The decision is a shocking blow to the Bloomberg administration, which turned to turnaround in January in a bid to win the federal funds without negotiating a new evaluation system with the United Federation of Teachers.


Anonymous said...

I realize you hate all things Bloomberg, bug this is a horrible decision. Perhaps you should devote some of your wrath to the UFT as well.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone called him on his bullshit! These schools were never closing, its a numbers game to make him, a man who has made billions!, manipulating numbers, look like he is doing something. Great day for the working class of NY!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I realize you hate all things Bloomberg, bug this is a horrible decision. Perhaps you should devote some of your wrath to the UFT as well.

Either Bloomberg is posting on Queens Crap or there's more than one really big asshole!

PS It's not bug. It's but, you butthole.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mikey, cook those books some more and see what kind of glop you can come up with. Face it, you are unwanted,increasingly irrelevant and inconsequential. Give it up and go to Bermuda permanently. A few extra flights out of the 34th St. heliport won't be minded now if they're taking your sorry ass away! Or will you insist on hanging around until its time for your perp walk?

Anonymous said...

maybe the governor of wisconsin should run for mayor of nyc.
he has the balls to take on the union/prog/lib/gov/ complex .

tax enough already ??????

Anon123 said...

Too bad no one dares to blame those parents who expect their kids to do we solely from the few hours of school they attend every day. Instead we end up with this dirty fight between the bureaucracy and the educators.

Imagine what would happen if the parents get sued for their children's poor performance.

Anonymous said...

the NYC citizen's children need more intense "SOCIAL ENGINEERING". this" READING WRITING AND ARITHMETIC" has to be stopped.

More "teachers",more union dues, more rich $300,000 plus/year union officials.......YAZUHHHHHHH and more progressive/socialists taking over the democrat party......

and all citizens continue to pay for it all.

Stockton ,Cal. 200,000 pop. chapter 9 why it happened ?