Thursday, June 14, 2012

Council ethic committee investigating Wills, too

From the NY Post:

One day after the Daily News reported that City Councilman Ruben Wills was under investigation by the state attorney general’s office, the council’s ethics committee launched its own probe.

“In light of troubling reports and court records evidencing Councilmember Wills’ lack of cooperation with a state investigation, including his assertion of his Fifth Amendment rights, we have referred this matter to the Council’s Standards and Ethics Committee for a formal review,” said Council spokesman Jamie McShane.

Wills was kicked off the Council’s budget negotiating team until the matter is resolved.

McShane said that decisions about funding allocations for Wills’ district will be made by Speaker Christine Quinn’s office, in consultation with the Queens delegation chair.


Anonymous said...

You can dress them up.............

Anonymous said...

who does Will think he is ? U.S.Att. Gen. Eric Holder ?