Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DOJ to monitor Queens elections

From the NY Times:

The Justice Department will send federal officials to observe Congressional primary elections on Tuesday in Queens and the Hudson Valley, the department announced on Monday.

The department did not give a reason for why it would monitor polling places in Queens, but the Voting Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the voting process on the basis of race, color or language. In the borough’s highest-profile race, four Democrats are vying to run for an open seat in the Sixth Congressional District, whose population is about 40 percent Asian and 20 percent Hispanic.


Anonymous said...

they must have been tipped that the NEW BLACK PANTHERS are going to be hosts at the front door of the polls ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1: LOL!!!!

It's amazing how gullible some people are.

The New Black Panther Party? Ask any Black person about the New Black Panther Party and they will collapse with laughter. They are a handful of people with a computer and a printer. There aren't enough members of the New Black Panther Party around to monitor a few election districts in one Assembly district, much less all of Queens.

Are you really that gullible? If so, I own a bridge that runs between Brooklyn and Manhattan that's for sale.

Anonymous said...

Usually, it's the white people party that volunteers. I guess if you're in a segregated, black section of the city, you'd have BPP. Give it a break, Arch.

Anonymous said...

Queens is a laboratory experiment to DOJ.

They are collecting data for the part of the United States with the lowest registered voter to resident ratio, and among the areas with the lowest actually-voting to registered voter ratio in the country.

In these poorly advertised / low-turnout primaries a small amount of voter fraud goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

The turnout for voters is low because a large segment of Queens voters are illegal aliens who can't vote (remember vibrant and diverse?). As for the legal residents -- take a look at the loser candidates. There is no one decent to vote for. The Democratic party keeps recycling the same morons. Why would the average citizen vote for any of them? That's why voter turn out is so low.

Anonymous said...

The dem controlled government wants to make sure that all the Asian voters know who they are supposed to vote for. Heaven forbid they vote for Lancman or Crowley or Mittman.

The MENG-inites should just print up huge posters featuring her name in several Chinese dialects and Korean, accompanied by huge photos of her face and place them within legal distance of all the polling places.

The Asian voters will then know for whom to vote.