Saturday, June 30, 2012

Avella's bills to protect environment

Avella fracking bill
Avella global warming bill


Anonymous said...

i recently heard an interview on TV with Boone Pickens. he said that some alternative energy sources, as wind farms ,are too expensive for the American citizen consumer to pay for.
he lost $150 million attempting to develop them and stopped.

he now has invested heavily in natural gas production ,which he claims is inexpensive enough for us to buy.

btw, the Avella /Sweeny proposals do not identify the names of the "Union of Concerned Scientists" ?
Why not ?

are the recent news reports that states permitting "fracking" have a below 4% unemployment rate ? i read that one such state's tax revenues have ballooned so much ,that the homeowners are asking that property taxes end.

do the "scientists "prove that these state's environments are being damaged ?

is not nys 's unemployment rate 10 to 15 % ?

Anonymous said...

Frack you!

Anonymous said...

Asshat - it's simple.

If you frack, the groundwater gets poisoned unfit for any consumption, if you're lucky. If not, it catches on fire.

There's a documentary called "Gasland" that goes into great detail about how fracking has created permanent environmental damage throughout the western United States and, more recently, Pennsylvania.

While extracting natural gas is profitable for the natural gas industry and is "cleaner" than oil, it has to be done SAFELY, with guarantees for property owners and towns that their water resources won't get ruined.

The unemployment rate for New York State will be unaffected by fracking. As reported in numerous publications over the last two years, natural gas companies ship workers in from other states for fracking work.

Virtually no employment is generated directly by fracking in the states that it takes place. Jobs and land value are lost because the water resources are destroyed.

Fresh water is our MOST precious resource...we need it for drinking, cooking and we can't grow crops without it. To have it permanently ruined for short-term economic gain is just plain nuts.

Anonymous said...

who produced and directed "GASLAND" ? do you have documented proof of your negative allegations of the" Fracking" process.

the opposition, with EXPERT SOURCES, to your statements have been commented on Q.C ,but they have all been censored in the past.

why is the other side not heard ? what are you fearful of ?

scare tactics are becoming dull .....the conservative media tells it like it is. even the U.S. E.P.A.has dropped its lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

for another view of Josh Fox's "Gasland " hollywood documentary. search "ENERGY TRIBUNE","GASLANDS FRACKING NONSENSE" by Peter Glover 2/18/2011.

he sites sources for his arguments ie. Colorado Oil & Gas commission maintains that dissolved methane in well water appears be biogenic (natural occurring ) and they found" no indications"of oil and gas related impacts to the well water.
natural methane will light on fire.

as a teen in the 1940's ,we lit the methane in water in Pa., long before fracking was done.

to what do you attribute the recent low unemployment rate in the Dakota's ? what industry is now hiring there ?

Anonymous said...

the conservative media tells it like it is


Oh. Now I get it.

Gramps strikes again.

This is a pointless discussion, as you are refusing to deal with the fact that time has changed things, including the scale and dangerousness of hydrofracking today.

And by the way: Gasland was a completely independent documentary. No DEM/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST conspiracy here, Gramps.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Suggested reading:"Influential father of GAIA THEORY endorses FRACKING, after his energy costs skyrocket in the U.K." from the Guardian, "The Blaze,6/16/12

The dad of modern environmentalism, scientist, James Lovelock also said" wind turbines are ugly and useless.he said that he went to far in his claims of GLOBAL WARMING."
"it just so happens that the GREEN religion is now taking over from the Christian religion. the Greens use guilt. you can't win people round by saying they are for putting CO2 in the air."

google: James Lovelock

Anonymous said...

the WSJ reports that the state of North Dakota ,since the fracking industry has begun operations , now has a $9 BILLION FINANCIAL SURPLUS . from a 83 % increase in tax revenues.