Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gang takedown

From the Daily News:

Gang banging isn’t the same as in years past – there’s no more flagging, boasting colors to rep your set or even carrying your own handgun, police said Thursday.

The youngest gang member – a 16-year-old boy – arrested in a takedown of more than 50 people in one Queens neighborhood since October - was known to move guns between stash spots, police said.

Out of the 56 collared, 30 of them are known gangsters - about half Bloods and the other half Crips, cops said.

The investigation was part of the NYPD’s Strategic Prosecution Planning, where cops would pinpoint specific problems within an area - in this case, gangs and drugs mostly centered around the Ocean Bay Houses, Cruzado said.

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Anonymous said...

Rockaway will forever be a place of misery, especially between 50th and 60th street.