Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fat Boy getting a makeover?

From the Daily News:

A crumbling, controversial monument on the grounds of Queens Borough Hall may finally get a long-delayed facelift.

The Triumph of Civic Virtue, which has courted legions of supporters and detractors for almost 100 years, has been fenced off.

The Queens Borough President’s office has been told the statue will be removed from its fountain base and restored at another location.

“The temporary fencing was installed to prevent people from taking shelter in the statue base,” said Lauren Passalacqua, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg. “(The Department of Citywide Administrative Services) is continuing its assessment of the statue.”

It’s unclear what the restoration will entail and whether it will include the fountain and the badly deteriorated steps leading to it.


Anonymous said...

Watch out
The city may be pulling a fast one here.
Will the statue be returned to Queens?

Anonymous said...

Visit this area and take a photo. It is the last we will see of this sculpture.

georgetheatheist said...

"It's unclear what the restoration will entail.."

What? Nobody knows nothing?

So much for the "investigative" press.

Cav said...

Here's an idea for that statue:

Put Bloomberg's head on it and set him stomping on 4 female figurines representing the outer boros.

Anonymous said...

The P.C. politicians have wanted this historic sculpture gone for years. Wanton neglect apparently has failed, so now they plan to 'renovate' it. Dollars to donuts this sculpture meets with an 'accident'.

georgetheatheist said...

Where is it? Now. It's location?