Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Liu calls out EDC on illegal lobbying

From the Politicker:

City Comptroller John C. Liu today sent a letter to Mayor Mike Bloomberg to change what he called the “law-breaking” culture at the Economic Development Corporation.

The missive comes as the EDC has been ordered to restructure as part of a recent settlement reached with New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who found that the agency illegally lobbied City Council members as part of their effort to redevelop Willets Point in Queens and Coney Island in Brooklyn.

“The legal restructuring of the EDC, which appears to have been undertaken so that the impermissible lobbying can continue, is clearly insufficient. It amounts to nothing more than business as usual, notwithstanding knowingly allowing the use of taxpayer dollars for unlawful purposes,” wrote Mr. Liu. ”Installing new leadership and opening the books would help change the EDC’s law-breaking culture, which, as documented in the settlement with the Attorney General, used the agency’s budget as a political slush fund for illegal lobbying.”

Mr. Liu also called on all of EDC finances to be made publicly available online.

Willets Point United doesn't think Liu went far enough because he failed to point the finger of blame at EDC President Seth Pinsky.


Anonymous said...

I for one will not stand silent as John Liu (son of a Bank thief) speaks to others about honesty.

This cat lied about his mom, his entire campaign is under investigation by authorities and he is continuing to try and find a way out of paying fines he owes for illegally placing his personal signs on the public property.

STFU John, then go away.


Anonymous said...

"STFU John, then go away."

AND take Bloomturd, the EDC, and Cow Shulman with you!!!