Friday, July 20, 2012

Queens company selling dog fur products

From CBS 2:

The Humane Society is sounding the alarm on what it said is a highly disturbing investigation involving dogs.

The organization found that dog fur is being used in products ordered online, although it’s illegal, and is worried that the cruelty behind the products may be more widespread than anyone knows.

Patrick Kwan of The Humane Society led a two-year investigation into the sale of dog fur. Acting on a tip, the society ordered items online from a Queens company.

Lab analysis confirmed that the fur came from a dog, even though dog-fur use has been outlawed since 2000.


Anonymous said...

WE have to be sensitve to their culture! Fucking Savages!!

Anonymous said...

How is it that just from the headline, you know China is involved???

Auntie Invasion said...

Deport them. let them sell dog fur in Korea.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to buy only American made goods.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and diverse -- and fashionable too!

Joe said...

American made goods ?
What stops these savages from going to a local shelter and picking up local domestic dogs and other animals to kill ?
The solution is to get the armed forces to throw all these scum invaders the F_ out !!
Enough with this "invasion" of sovereign soil by the turd world !

Anonymous said...

First they skin them - then they eat them.