Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is how stupid hipsters are

From Curbed:

Marooned in the middle of the parking lot— after being pulled out of the water due to a leak —and surrounded by other nautical rejects, our "room" for the night was a water-filled, dilapidated yacht with the ladder about to fall off and the floor panels torn out. Entirely uninhabitable, and certainly devoid of any artistic flair, the vessel was seemingly being used as storage space for other Boatel miscellanea.

What a bust. Especially for a place that had piqued the interest of the Times and NPR, and which to many, seemed like the coolest thing to hit the Rockaways since Rockaway Taco. True, the creators of the project had always been upfront about the fact that this wasn't a real hotel. But then they went ahead and used words like "reservation" and "check-in," kind of setting up the expectation that, at the very least, visitors would have somewhere safe and sound to sleep.

Meanwhile, other "guests" were gathered on the dock, dancing to hip hop tunes on an iPod and drinking beers like there was no tomorrow. A few dogs traipsed in and out of the crowd, occasionally getting stepped on by the inebriated and rowdy crew. About twenty half-eaten bags of pretzels littered a coffee table off to the side, lit haphazardly by a few strings of Christmas lights. This place wasn't edgy or inspired; it was kind of a dump.


Anonymous said...

This place wasn't edgy or inspired; it was kind of a dump.

Doesn't that pretty much explain most of the social scenes in Queens?

I mean, hell, even the Bronx and Jersey are getting cooler than Queens.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters aren't stupid they're shitheads...

Anonymous said...

COOL is a relative term, largely dependent upon the amount of importance you place on what other people think.

Get a life. This isn't high school anymore.

Anonymous said...

They are safe enough in WIliamsburg, because they have essentially invaded the neighborhood and turned it into Hipster Heaven. But once they step out of the safety of North Willie B, they are natural prey with huge targets on them.

Joe said...

Same crap going on in the Manorhaven section in Port Washington.
They really pissed it up July 4th. Must have been over 200 piss drunk "artists" swigging beers with the Mexicans and dancing to the sounds of the Phish, Greatful Dead and Mariachi music.
Where is all the sewage & toxic greasy bilge water going ?

Anonymous said...

Rockaway Taco uses SLAVE LABOR. doesn't pay minimum wage. don't eat there.

Anonymous said...

"I mean, hell, even the Bronx and Jersey are getting cooler than Queens."

Yeah ok dickhead! With what I have seen in the Bronx lately it should be cut off from the rest of NY and turned into the new Rikers!

Bunch of dumb fucking animals up there!