Thursday, July 26, 2012

65th Place inundated with trucks

From DNA Info:

Woodside’s 65th Place — a once quiet residential street with many single family homes — has become a highway for trucks that is choked with congestion, noise and air pollution, residents and elected officials said Monday.

Some residents, who asked for a crackdown on the truck traffic, also said that their homes have suffered from structural damage caused by the vibrations.

“These trucks that are barreling through this quiet residential neighborhood are not only utilizing this route illegally but they are also presenting a serious hazard to the quality of air for the people of Woodside,” said City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

Currently, 65th Place is not a truck route, which means that trucks can't travel on it "unless they are making local deliveries."

But the street lacks the necessary signage, officials noted.

Van Bramer said that earlier this year, he contacted the DOT requesting that signs be installed along 65th Place between Queens Boulevard and Maurice Avenue.


Anonymous said...

"Lack the necessary signage"?!?!? gee, we don't have signage advising enforcement of all kinds of rules and regs, yet the tickets are written!!! What a disengenuous response. There is a SERIOUS failure by the NYPD when it comes to enforcement action on commercial violators - the overnight storage of commercial vehicles, the 53' trucks off highway without permits, the parking on sidewalks, the billowing black smoke (NYPD is supposed to enforce that, too)...

Anonymous said...

Keep voting in the same crap heads year Fter year and this is what you get
Queens has no leaders or fighters
All they want is a paycheck and for their dumb onstituents to. vote for them again and again

Anonymous said...

The cops have ten vacation days taken away from them by IAB if they lose a case at traffic court. Explain to me why any of them in a sane mind would even consider writing tickets ever again? And don't give me any crap about their duty, they are criminally undermanned and are kept busy enough with radio assignments thet just don't stop coming.

Anonymous said...

Is that Virginia Joe Crowley in the picture? He must be vacationing in New York.

Anonymous said...

Put some nasty tough height restriction barriers to keep the trucks out. SPend some good money too get the extra ansty and destructive barriers.