Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Say it ain't so, Mo!

From the Daily News:

Ex-Mets slugger-turned-landlord Mo Vaughn has fouled out with tenants at a Brownsville housing complex.

Residents of the DCA Central Brooklyn complex are mad because Vaughn has had nearly every tree on the property chopped down over the past two weeks.

They charged chopping down the 17 leafy giants at the Mitchell-Lama affordable-rental development was part of over-zealous security measures.

“I feel an injustice has been done to the tenants, to the children, to anyone who walks down the street here,” said Jeannette Cruz, 49, who lives in the nine-building complex on Park Place, Howard Ave. and Sterling Place.

“It makes it seem ‘ghetto’ with no trees,” said another resident, Karen Joyner, 44.

The arborcide is one of several outdoor changes Vaughn’s company Omni New York has made at the complex, which it bought late last year. Highly visible green security bars on windows, omnipresent security cameras and intense floodlights are new, too.


Anonymous said...

Brutal dumb-ass SOB!

Wadda ya expect from his kind?

Maybe they'll write a rap song
about it.

"Yo...MF...tree fukah"!

Anonymous said...

“It makes it seem ‘ghetto’ with no trees,”

No, its the residents who do that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
“It makes it seem ‘ghetto’ with no trees,”

No, its the residents who do that

Did you go out on a limb to make that comment? Branch out and get a life and leaf us alone with your racist tone!

Anonymous said...

The gubmint gives, Mo Vaughn takes.

Anonymous said...

Typical ghetto thug.
They need to go after the contractors that turned a blind eye, took the $$ and did the cut-down work as well.

Anonymous said...

Of course when the crime rate goes down the trees will be restored...

Anonymous said...

Couldn't they have pruned the trees instead of chopping them? And unsightly stumps are not ghetto. You can find them all over the outer boroughs. At least they have security cameras that work there. Unlike the Housing Authority. Always safety first, especially in Brownsville.