Monday, July 16, 2012

Word getting around about Jamaica garbage problem

Just to show you the extent of the garbage/litter/illegal dumping problem in Jamaica, watch the below video segment that reporter Ruschell Boone from NY1 News did and forwarded to me today. It was in an area that I have not been to - 107th Ave and 150th St - which will now be an area that I will have to go to for my third garbage music video. That whole area is a disgrace. I know very well that some of the people who live there are to blame, just as they are to blame in my area, BUT, the local politicians, city and community leaders need to really address this situation and find solutions. This situation can no longer be tolerated or accepted. We are the only community in all of Queens that has such a major garbage issue and the city needs to crack down on this once and for all. I was appalled that the community board manager of that area would not speak to the reporter on this issue because she was "too busy." This would have been a perfect opportunity to address this situation.

NY1 New segment on the garbage problem in Jamaica, Queens

If that news segment does not make your blood boil, make you angry and get you to finally do something about this, then I feel that some of you are just letting the community down and have no business being in the position you are. Again, I realize that many of the residents create this problem (and these are the folks that we do not need here in Jamaica), but the city needs to take hold of this problem, address it and come up with solutions. Whether it is having the policeman patrolling our streets ticketing all those who litter, having some kind of surveillance in the problem areas (and you all know which areas are the problems), increasing the littering fines, having sanitation come more frequently and especially cracking down on properties owners of businesses, homes, empty lots and abandoned homes who do not clean up this property - and there are a lot of them. Hell, I have given you the names of plenty of owners of such lots and properties to go after hard.

Enough is enough. You are never going to attract the kinds of people and businesses that can help improve Jamaica with this garbage situation, and in fact, you are going to start to lose the quality people who are already here and care about their community. It is time to start to stand up for us and begin to make a difference. I know some of you are doing something, but it just is not enough to combat this major on-going problem here.

I thought parts of my area were bad with garbage, but after seeing this video of a part of Jamaica I have not been to, I am just speechless that Jamaica has come to this. Jamaica is really becoming a shit hole third world country and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

You should all bow your heads in shame for letting this problem get so far out of hand.

Now BUCK the hell up and let's get this situation taken care of.


Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

It's going to take media pressure to fix this trash problem. That says a lot for the lazy, elected phonies of Jamaica.
They have let this area wallow for decades.
Shame on the district representatives and city agencies.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately tahrs how Queens is run
Politicians don't do anything until a problem hits the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

A thousand years ago, the idea of coterminality was born. That was the policy to make the districts for the provision of city services "coterminous" (or the same as) the community board districts. The reason for that was so the community board manager could have periodic meetings with Sanitation, Health, Police, Fire, etc. so that the community board manager could crack heads and get things done with people who could make decisions being in the same room. (Not for big structural stuff, but on things that middle managers have the authority to do by allocating people and time to a situation.) I'm guessing this has gone by the wayside and the community board manager position in many neighborhoods has become just another patronage job.

Auntie Invasion said...

what do you expect from illegal aliens? I watch as the grown ups teach their children to throw garbage/litter where ever they are.
They are comfortable in filthy third world conditions

Anonymous said...

I live in bayside. the city needs to determine where the garbage is coming from, not just ticket the homeowners. I live in bayside across from a school. everyday during the school year, parents pick up their children and dump garbage from the car out the car door and onto the sidewalk in front of my house. It will blow up the driveway, onto the lawn. I have picked up hundreds of cigarettes, cirgarette packages, soda bottles, juice cartons, plastic bags and receipts. I should not be responsible for someone elses garbage. The above poster is right, they are almost always immigrant and they do not care. I have confronted some of them and they think it is perfectly okay to get rid of their pizza boxes by dumping it in my driveway.

Anonymous said...

The above poster is right, they are almost always immigrant and they do not care.

Why should they? Honest Joe Crowley, who moved his family away from this shit to Virginia, knows you will vote for him and his cronies.

The Democratic Machine is watered by the flow of immigrants.

There is nothing you folks can do about this.

Kenya Arrington said...

If we don't care where we live who do u think is going to care. Pick up where u live.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Kenya. Jamaica seems to have so many people here who have no regards or respect for their environment or community. Not the kind of people we want here.