Friday, July 27, 2012

DA Brown messes up yet again

From Eyewitness News:

...he was behind bars at Rikers, IDed by a witness who picked him out of a lineup.

He was charged with the attempted rape of a woman last September near a bus stop along the Cross Island Parkway in Whitestone.

A crime in progress was stopped by a former Marine who happened to be in the area.

A police sketch led police to the 41-year-old.

For 9 months, that question was hanging over his head. The Queens DA's office pressed forward with their case against him. It took 7 months before a DNA test was ordered.


Anonymous said...

It's not about justice at the Queens D.A.'s office or the NYPD. It's about numbers and overtime. A cop makes a bogus bust to boost his OT, The DA has to get a conviction (Or a plea) to justify their existence. The whole system sucks.

Anonymous said...

Well, he's too busy going after and prosecuting politicians, right?

Alfredo C said...

What bothers me is that this guy was released and if innocent God Bless!

But, why wasn't the community notified that the animal that did this was still on the loose.

The women and families of our community deserve better.

From what we were told, the precints weren't even notified!
How does that work? They are not told that a possible rapist is still loose in the community, because the one they arrested was released due to DNA evidence?

Doesn't add up .

We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Either he's senile and unfit to hold his job, or got paid off.

Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

Let's not let this guy off the hook so quickly. OK, the dna was inconclusive. Fine, but what exactly was the dna that was collected, and was it dna that was absolutely without a doubt left aat the scene by the perp? Often, inconclusive dna simply means that the collected dna was simply unable to place the suspect at the crime, but it doesn't prove that the suspect WASN'T there. And let's not forget that he was positively identified out of a lineup. I'm not saying he isn't innocent, I'm just asying that these revelations simply prove a reasonable doubt of his guilt, and not his complete innocence.

Dennis "The Pink Perv" Gallagher said...

Hey Queens Crap stop picking on DA Brown, he's ok, after all is rape such a big deal?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

But that's the point. In a case like this, you have to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Leave the midget alone (the Queens one) How'd you like to have Your box kicked out from under you?

Anonymous said...

Alfredo , you bring up Avery valid point. Why wasn't the community made aware that it was the wrong guy and the rapist was still at large?

Anonymous said...

But that's the point. In a case like this, you have to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
I understand completely, I was just making the point that being found not guilty isn't automatically the same thing as being found completely innocent. All that seems to be proven here, based on the information provided by the video, is that there was reasonable doubt that he was guilty. Fair enough, he gets let go. However, while the evidence points to the possibility that he MIGHT NOT have committed the crime, it doesn't prove that he DIDN'T commit the crime. If he is truly innocent, I wish him well in his quest to clear his name.

Anonymous said...

That shrimp has to sit on at least 4 phone books to be visible in court.