Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fort Totten ecodock on hold

From the Times Ledger:

Plans to build an eco-friendly dock at Fort Totten Park will have to wait another year due to a lack of funding in the city’s capital budget, according to the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance.

While the MWA continues working to build community eco docks in every borough, appropriate for different vessels, community events and educational opportunities, President and CEO Roland Lewis said the Bayside project will not move forward until at least next year due to budget constraints.

Eco docks are wooden barges that rise and fall with the tides and can accommodate different kinds of vessels, Lewis said. The multi-purpose docks, which cost around $700,000, will also have a human-powered boating platform so kayakers and rowers can visit, Lewis said.

What makes them eco-friendly, Lewis said, is the small footprint left behind in the water.


Anonymous said...

The money had to go to the high line? A pool in Brooklyn so more lifeguards can almost be drowned? A golf couse in the Bronx so Trump can make more money?

To hell with Little Bay, Bayside and Whitestone right?

When will we say enough is enough!

Alfredo C

Anonymous said...

You guys in that part of Queenss keep voting for idiots who couldn't care less about their constituents.
You have to vote in someone who Is a FIGHTER. and someone absorbed in self interest pandering.

Anonymous said...

The money goes to Brooklyn now as well as Manhattan > go F**K yourself Queens is all we ever get. Time to leave.

Anonymous said...


Staten Island shares Queens' position, also gets treatment without lubricant...

Anonymous said...

Queens and Staten Island are the step-children of the boroughs. Manhattan and Brooklyn are the favored children. As long as Queens residents continue to vote for the same old politicians who could not care less about their constituents, Queens will continue its downward spiral. All the middle-class are moving to North Carolina. People deserve a better quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Suggest Queens secede from NYC.
(Staten Island as well)

Bugs said...

Gives new meaning to "What's up, dock?"