Monday, July 30, 2012

People who want raises shouldn't be no-shows

From the Daily News:

State lawmakers are clamoring for a pay raise, but a lot of them had trouble showing up for work this year.

At least a dozen lawmakers — many of them city Democrats — missed 10 or more days during the recently concluded legislative session, according to a Daily News review of legislative attendance records.

Seven lawmakers, including three candidates for Congress, skipped 20 or more days, roughly one-third of the Legislature’s 2012 session, according to the records.

“We expect to have them show up,” said Barbara Bartoletti of the League of Women Voters of New York. “They are elected to do a job, but on the other hand, a lot of these people figure they can essentially get away with it.”

Queens Assembly members Rory Lancman and Grace Meng each missed 28 of the Assembly’s 62 session days as they battled each other in a Democratic primary for Congress.

Since Grace said that her father was her "moral compass," this is hardly surprising.


Anonymous said...

Charles Middleton AKA Ming "the merciless"....
now "graceless" Grace Meng "the missing".

Legislators who don't show up should be docked that day's pay.

Anonymous said...

they will only vote for bills that increase the power and pocketbook of the special interest groups that finance and work for their election campaigns.better that they are absent. it costs us less in the long raise.....

Anonymous said...

This states Democrats haven't had anything to worry about in a long time. Why would they think they are accountable to the people. Reelection is automatic

Anonymous said...

Where do we go from here?