Thursday, July 26, 2012

You can catch a lot more than planes at JFK

From Metro:

John F. Kennedy airport is No. 1 — but not in a good way. A new study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology lists JFK as the most likely airport in the nation when it comes to spreading extremely contagious diseases like SARS or the H1N1 flu virus.

The study, released today by MIT’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, looked at how likely the 40 largest U.S. airports are to spread a contagious disease. Surprisingly, airports that handled the most daily flights did not fall highest on the list.

While Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has the highest frequency of flights, JFK still tops the list in terms of risky disease-spreading factors. JFK is a high risk due to its connectivity to other airports worldwide, and its location in a large metropolitan area, the report found.


Anonymous said...

Of course.

Might a lot of this be due to those 3rd world Asiatics that pass through it...carrying "exotic" diseases along with their baggage?

Dangerous strains of virulent Tuberculosis is on the rise and
the Chinese love to spit on sidewalks.

There is a ban on this practice in their homeland but beware....because Flushing has become a receptacle for their sputum.

Traditional antibiotics, etc. do not work very well to combat these new strains of TB.

Bring back Ellis Island!

Joe said...

Hell yes !
The new airplanes with the high bypass engines are WORSE ! They recycle the air to save fuel VS the older airplanes that can bring in sub zero fresh air at cruising altitudes and warm it up. The filters they do have only trap basic dust.
---Flying petri dishes, the new airplanes do have a fresh air bleed capability but the airlines don't use it to save fuel--absolutely disgusting !

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and Diverse -- and Unhealthy too!

Anonymous said...

There was a reason for Ellis Island.