Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bloomberg doesn't care what you think

From the Daily News:

East Harlem community leaders are furious that Mayor Bloomberg is rushing to spend more than $300 million to develop three parcels of public land in their neighborhood — all part of what they say is a huge hidden subsidy to Cornell University’s new tech campus to be built on Roosevelt Island.

When Bloomberg revealed in December that he had selected Cornell to build the new $2 billion science school, he claimed the city’s only aid would be 11 acres of public land at the southern end of the island, plus $100 million for infrastructure improvements.

He never mentioned East Harlem’s contribution.

But as part of the deal, Bloomberg agreed to relocate by October 2013 hundreds of patients from Coler-Goldwater Hospital, a city-run long-term care facility that partially sits on the proposed island site.

To meet that deadline — and a possible ground-breaking for the new campus before Bloomberg leaves office — city officials are racing to erect several facilities in East Harlem that will house as many as 700 Coler-Goldwater patients.

They never bothered to ask locals what they wanted done with that land, according Community Board 11, which voted unanimously in mid June to oppose them.

Residents say they are amazed at how City Hall fast-tracked these projects.

The mayor issued a rarely used waiver to allow the new 99th St. building to be taller than zoning rules allow, while construction of the new North General building is being permitted six days a week starting at 7 a.m.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Bloomberg Demented mayor resign!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the RE dirt you don't realize: East Harlem is Hispanic and has the most dense housing projects stretching along most of the eastern Avenues all the way up. It was primarily Puerto Rican and now shares residency with illegal Mexicans. The area has pockets of luxury rentals that misguided developers built during the boom that no one wants to live in. Thus Bloomberg considers East Harlem as a throw-away and in this instance it's better he build the lunatic asylum in East Harlem rather than for example in Queens!

West Harlem - traditional black Harlem has experienced tremendous growth and appreciation and is completely different than East Harlem. Although there are plenty of public housing in West Harlem, there is a different vibe that is much more upwardly mobile on the part of black citizens vs Hispanics currently in East Harlem!

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg doesn't care what you think"

You shoulda stopped at "Bloomberg doesn't care"!!!!!

Time to go, Bloomcrap...NOW!

Anonymous said...

after doomsberg remarks this week about gun control "the police in american cities should strike to promote government gun control", his sanity has to be evaluated quickly.

Anonymous said...

#2...the Manhattan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane is located on Wards Island,next to the city side of the Triboro bdge.

the Roosevelt Island (former Welfare I.) are hospitals for the aged and indigent.