Friday, July 27, 2012

You want flies with that?

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Associated Marketplace, a supermarket at 153-30 89 Ave., just opened on April 4, and there are still “grand opening” banners hanging along the exterior. But one area resident noticed something that was less than welcoming — piles of dead flies along the windowsill.

The manager of the store, Rody Sarita, said Friday that he didn’t know how the flies got wedged on the windowsill between the glass exterior of the store and the back of the internal pharmacy structure, but he said, it made them hard to reach and therefore hard to remove.

But the flies were also located in other spots along the sill where there was no barrier to impede their removal. To that, Sarita said he would have a staffer address the issue. “This one we will clean it out, no problem,” he said. “We know we have to clean the other one out too.”

Sarita was also quick to point out a passing inspection notice by the Department of Agriculture and Markets, dated the day the store opened, which stated that the market is “in substantial compliance in that no critical deficiencies were observed.”

Geoff Palmer, a spokesman for the DAM, said Tuesday that the agency would send an inspector back out to the site soon to check on the cleanliness of conditions there.


Anonymous said...

The NYS Department of Agriculure and Markets is another Agency that's got to get it's act together.As bad as this store may be, Super Halal Meat at 253-06 Hillside Avenue in Bellerose is much worst.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things wrong with Queens, this is the most newsworthy item the chronicle could come up with??

Anonymous said...

Actually I have been to this store several times and I must say it is one of the cleanest in the Jamaica area outside of the NSA Market on Sutphin Blvd. Yes they are not high quality like you would find in Manhattan or LIC, but it sure beats all those horrible Pakistan or Middle Eastern shit hole markets, including the C-Town on Hillside near 170th St. The Pakistans and the Middle East folks have fucked up a not so great Jamaica to begin with and have totally trashed it to look and feel like their third world countries. Why are they even here, since they hate Americans and our way of life.