Friday, July 13, 2012

Woman ripped off by City gets check from Good Samaritan

From the Queens Courier:

An 89-year-old Fresh Meadows woman who lost hope in the city regained an ounce of optimism when a big-hearted benefactor — and a total stranger — mailed her a check for $1,000.

“It feels unbelievable. It feels like a dream come true,” said Anna Gallotta.

Gallotta is currently seeking remediation from the city after she was billed more than $2,000 for sidewalk repairs she was told she would not have to pay for.

Gallotta did not get a dime back from the city. Instead, she received a $1,000 check in the mail from 91-year-old Leonard Weintraub, an altruistic and avid Channel 11 viewer who said he was touched by Gallotta’s story when he saw it on the news a week after The Courier made her story public.

Weintraub, an author and successful lawyer in Manhattan — who is legally blind — said he was raised by a charitable father who always taught him to help others in need.


Anonymous said...

Bravo. We need more people like this.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the city doesn't tax this gift.

Anonymous said...

The city taketh away and a good samaritan foots the bill.