Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DA Brown's selective enforcement

From the NY Post:

Queens Assembly candidate Myungsuk Lee, whose Korean-language newspaper runs ads from “massage parlors,” some of which also peddle prostitution, could be in some legal trouble.

Queens DA Richard Brown says he’s meeting with his vice squad “on this matter” after The Post yesterday exposed the ads and the massage parlors.

From True News for Change NYC:

The Queens DA, who has done nothing to stop sex ads in the Queens Tribune, is going after a Korean candidate for assembly who owns newspaper that also publishes sex ads... Must have something to do with the Tribune joined at the hip with the Queens Democratic Party, backed Brown for DA


Anonymous said...

Why just because Myungsuk Lee endorses getting head from his select group of advertisers instead of Brown's friends at the Tribune? Politics as a tool or taking care of tools!

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs, but politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

DA Brown is nearly as terrible as DA Hynes in Brooklyn, who selectively prosecutes child abusers, depending on what community they come from..

Anonymous said...

And still, he'll run un-opposed, because no one has the $ to challenge him or wants to be indicted when they lose. It's good to be the king!

Myungsuk said...

D.A. Blawn! Thees ees disclimination!! Why you onlee go after Asian person?!? And you no go after white man Schenkler?!?

I go call my civil rights lawyer!!!!

georgetheatheist said...

Assemblywoman Meng. How's that drafting a law going up in Albany? You know the one you and Tribune publisher Schenkler jointly agreed upon in his editorial of May 10? The one that requires advertisements for "massage" to prominently display their state massage license number in the ads.

It's over 2 months since this was proposed. Please inform the electorate on your progress.