Saturday, July 21, 2012

Johnny pays his lawyers

From the Daily News:

Embattled city Controller John Liu spent a jaw-dropping $341,000 on campaign expenses over the past six months — most of it for ballooning legal bills.

The mayoral hopeful, whose campaign fund-raising practices are under federal investigation, spent about $200,000 for lawyers and litigation consulting, chipping away at his roughly $2 million war chest, records released Monday show.


Anonymous said...

easy come -easy go,when he can scam taxpayer money $6.00 to $1.00 of his.

Red China is loaded with campaign cash.

Anonymous said...

This guy has to go. There is no way that he can perform his Controller duties with all of these legal investigations going on.

Anonymous said...

Why should he be able to do this ?
Legal bills are a personal expense. Campaign funds are for campaigning.
And this action by the comptroller of the city of NY ?

Sad, really sad.

Time to bring back tar and feathering.

Joe said...

Stupid Queens voters put him there like Bloomberg.
May as well have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.

Anonymous said...

Were the Department of Sanitation fines paid yet? You know, For all those illegally placed campaign posters. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

can't touch this....or progressive/socialist gang members.

the once proud democrat party was infiltrated long ago.

they pushed the multicultural fiasco on us and now we are screwed ,unless a Tax Enough Party gains strength soon.

Anonymous said...

Where do they get that term Mayoral hopeful. You gotta be kidding. John Liu against Anthony the Weiner and Quinn. What a line up.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is the son of a CONVICTED Bank Thief.

100% of those who voted for him knew that he was not fit for office and didn't care. These greedy union scumbags want more and more and more from the Middle Class citizens that are fighting to just get by.

They have no concern for America. If decent people continue to stay home on election day then we'll lose all we have to this type of vile person.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that Liu has hit his bamboo ceiling.

This avaricious Oriental son of a bank robber's aspirations have been circumcised.

His political career is finished.