Monday, July 23, 2012

Derek Lee back as Queens DOB Commissioner

From DOB press release:

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri today announced a rotation of the Department’s Borough Commissioners in an effort to increase the efficiency and productivity of the agency’s operations. For the second time in four years, the Borough Commissioners have been rotated to further standardize plan review operations and streamline the construction project approval process citywide. Each Borough Commissioner oversees the review of construction-related applications and plans in their respective boroughs, and in 2011, Department plan examiners reviewed more than 450,000 sets of construction plans. Effective immediately, this latest rotation shifts experienced professionals into new leadership roles to better facilitate development and ensure builders, developers and design professionals follow the City’s strict safety standards. The Borough Commissioners have a combined 124 years of experience in the architectural, engineering and construction fields.

Derek Lee, Queens Borough Commissioner – Derek Lee is a New York State Registered Architect with 35 years of experience with commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Joining the Department in 2000 as a Plan Examiner, Borough Commissioner Lee was promoted to Plan Examiner Squad Leader in 2001, then Deputy Queens Borough Commissioner, where he participated in the structural assessment of buildings in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2011, and the jetliner crash in Belle Harbor, Queens. In 2006, he was appointed as Queens Borough Commissioner, then Brooklyn Borough Commissioner in 2008 and Manhattan Borough Commissioner in 2009. Prior to joining the Department, Borough Commissioner Lee served as a Principal at Lee Associates, an architectural and engineering firm, an Architectural Designer and Construction Manager at Graf & Chan Architects and a Designer at Galson & Galson Consulting Engineers.


Anonymous said...

Big deal, The Buildings Department still can’t correct or enforce any of the violations issued at Super Halal Meat, 253-06 Hillside Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426.
Nothing has changed, it’s been over two years and the surrounding law abiding homeowners are still being screwed by the DOB and the City.
Why should the owner of this building fix anything? The DOB and the City refuse to enforce ANY of the violations issued to this building.


Anonymous said...

You said it. I want an invesigateion into how many unpaid, defaulted violations there are on major sites and I want to know wht the DOB continues to issue permits to deveoplers that flagrantly disobey the rules. If er get 4375 in default parking tickets we get towed. When these developers get violations they do not ahve to pay a dine. WTF?

Anonymous said...

"The Borough Commissioners have a combined 124 years of experience in the architectural, engineering and construction fields." And, just like Commissioner LiMandri, not all of them are even licensed!

Anonymous said...

The non enforcement of DOB violations need to be addressed by the politicians. If this building was operating legally and had attempted to follow the laws. I would have stopped complaining a long time ago.Super Halal Meat continues to say FU to our community and the DOB and there is nothing the DOB will do or claim's they can do about it.

Anonymous said...

he is here just in time to deny the new 250-300 child asian day care center a permit to allow the children to play on the roof of the two story building.

at F.Lewis Blvd @ 42 avenue, they have just installed a six foot fence around the top of the building.

is this a safe space for the 2-5 year olds to play ?

there is no space for parking,drop off or pick up. and no ground play space.
the owners are John Liu's former and Peter Koo's present landlord, in flushing, main street.

so Lee should be right at home with the situation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's the same story all over the City.
In the Throgs Neck Section of the Bronx on Casler Place Developers Stole a beach from the residents who have had legal access since 1928. They just took the land and over built the property with Condos full of violations.
Jimmy Vacca The local councilman helped the developers and turned his back on the residents.
The DOB commissioner deFoe bent over backwards to assist the illegal development built with fraudulent Deeds. Check out:

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard of what the new D.O.B. investigator is up to ? was he not lauded in the news and Q.C a year or so ago?

is he in the Hampton's for the summer ?

Anonymous said...

ommissioner LiMandri openly without any hesitation "selling " innosent homeowners property, land, homes to adjoining owners and "ordering" law enforcements to help severe organized crime! DOB under Mr. LiMaNDRI CONTINUE BE DANGEROUS FOR LIFE'S, property, well being and to save peoples life's, freedom,property, life savings somebody must stop Mr. LiMandri to be Commissioner from Hell who approves illigal construction on adjoining owners land, who gives false violations to targeted to be extorted homeowners, who set up police to arrest homeowners who's property Mr. LiMandri must deliver for free to the adjoining owner, Supreme Court decisions is known to Inspectors DOB before they made to grant property by deed to compleate stranger new adjoining owner! Please, someone save the City, Citizens that Mr. LiMandri targeted to be destroyed and all they have, home, money, health be taken away for Mr. LiMandri unlawful gain!

Anonymous said...

I never got anything changed in my basement. I am getting violations that I never made? Anyone who is overseeing dob staff who are issuing illegal violations? WHO IS OVERSEEING DOB?