Sunday, July 22, 2012

The traveling man

From the Daily News:

Campaign cash gave Queens State Sen. Malcolm Smith a ticket to travel the globe.

Smith drained more than $41,000 from his campaign war chest on airfare, rental cars and hotel stays in more than a dozen cities, the Daily News has learned.

As his cash-strapped Democratic colleagues struggled to boost their campaign war chests, Smith’s donor-funded world tour included stops in Beijing, Shanghai, Montreal, Chicago, Tampa, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Saratoga Springs.

Along the way Smith’s campaign paid for golf at the exclusive Breakers resort in Palm Beach, barbecue at Dick’s Last Resort in San Antonio, accommodations at the Beijing Grand Hotel and a “meeting” at Big Daddys liquors in West Palm Beach, campaign records show.

Closer to home, Smith billed his campaign for hotel stays in Newark, Newburgh and the Crowne Plaza LaGuardia — which is just a few miles from Smith’s district.

“With all that time spent traveling, did he spend any time in Albany?” quipped Dick Dadey of watchdog group Citizens Union.

“His liberal use of campaign funds for travel to far flung locations just shows how bad our campaign finance laws are in New York,” Dadey added.


Anonymous said...

He's a fake, phony, fraud. Why was he picked for majority head anyway? Can anyone figure this out?

Joe Moretti, Jamaica, NY said...

I attended his town hall meeting in Jamaica, Queens a few months ago and he talked about all that he was going to do for Jamaica, Queens yet when I send his office emails regarding the major garbage problem here in Jamaica, all I ever get is automated email responses. As Stevie Wonder sang...."You haven't done nothing".

Anonymous said...

Dumb voters keep reelecting him, that's why.

Anonymous said...

when Larry King had his book party at his's fifth ave building @74 street, a few years ago, the usual limousine liberals attended ,with Malcom Smith and spouse.

the view cast ,Barbara Walters, Joy (un-funny leftie) Bejar and spouse, Jon Corzine, Regis and Joy Philbin etc.