Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OTB site to continue gambling?

From the Queens Chronicle:

Civic groups in Bellerose are concerned over a proposal to bring a “gaming cafe” to an area that already has several pawn shops and what some consider “questionable” spas. They have urged the community board to vote against the plan.

Menesh Patel wants to open the establishment at 245-19 Jericho Turnpike, a former OTB site, and the Queens Colony Civic Association, the Bellerose Hillside Avenue Civic Association and the Joint Bellerose Business District Development Corp. have expressed their disapproval. Patel could not be reached for comment by press time.

There are several issues of concern. Even though the owner assured residents at a meeting two weeks ago that the site would not be used for gambling, according to Angela Augugliaro, president of the Queens Colony Civic Association, the word gaming is often associated with such activity. And although the owner also said there would not be any accessibility to porn sites, customers must be at least 18 years of age and would be subject to an ID check, Augugliaro said.

This 40-seat gaming cafe is scheduled to open in late August. The Department of Consumer Affairs gave Community Board 13 a time frame of 15 days to decide whether it was for or against the plan, according to District Manager Larry McClean.

And in Flushing, a 24-hour "internet cafe" has opened. Who's trekking out to use the web at 3am?


Anonymous said...

3 Am is when people in China use Skype other un-traceable VOIP communication with relatives and business associates here

Anonymous said...

Yea gambles a little bit, drink a little bit (club of course) and meet a few girls afterwards via the take out menu!

Anonymous said...

Among other purposes, these are also money laundering operations for the third world communities now filling up Queens. They will only increase as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

Just around the corner from "Goldway" on 164th Street, are at least 3 whore houses posing as clubs, spas and massage parlors.

After catching the LIRR red eye...
one can depart from the Broadway station...grab a drink, then a girl and gamble a little.

That's the Oriental custom.

It's a male dominated culture,
and the wives are not allowed to complain.

In some cases, if they do, the husband beats them.

Add spousal abuse to Asiatic practices.

Anonymous said...

Where's the IRS checking out all this unreported income.

Anonymous said...

I went to an Asian backroom internet cafe on Northern Blvd to get online during a power outage. It was a lot of kids gaming. Not sure why they pay to game in a back room, maybe strict parents, but gaming seemed to be what the cafe was set up for.
There were lots of pop up ads, all in Korean or Chinese, I'm not sure which.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify, when I say gaming, I mean video games, not online gambling.

Anonymous said...

At least the sign is in English. A first for that part of Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Those kids go to watch porn...
far away from their parent's prying eyes.

Then they naturally do what horny teenagers usually do.

I hope those flat screens are waterproof!

they're also known as "spermatoriums".

JGianatassio said...

I know this place. It's an underground casino: at least 40 Slot Machines

Unknown said...

Yes, this place is closed down... for now.

However, there is still another gambling/slot machine parlor at large, under name Cybertech Solutions Inc located at 40-19 159th Street in Flushing.

One of my friend lost over $40,000 over the course of 2 months at Cybertech Solutions. They have over 40 slot machines there and is the largest gambling hall I ever heard of in the entire city of New York. I spoke to 109 Precinct repeatedly for almost a year without any result. Now I wonder if their entire precinct was paid off by the owner. I am almost sure they can afford to do so with millions in revenue(tax-free I suppose). It's a shame that such cancerous practice is allowed in our neighborhood. This is disgusting!!!!

BigFatJoe said...

yeah, this Goldway gambling hall is closed down all right. Just saw it this morning. I wonder why the NYPD doesn't do anything about the Cybertech gambling hall at 159th Street... maybe they ARE paid-off.

BigFatJoe said...

This place reopened again. Business as usual. Now I am sure 109th Precinct is paid off handsomely.

Not only this Goldway gambling parlor is paying the police off, the other Gambling Parlor Cybertech is paying off the police as well. They operated for YEARS without any visit from the police.