Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hallett's Cove project coming sooner than later?

From the Daily News:

A proposed, billion-dollar residential and retail project on a desolate stretch of Astoria’s waterfront could break ground as early as fall 2013 — much to the delight of local community leaders.

The Hallets Point project, which would create about 2,200 units of housing in seven residential towers, a supermarket and a park along the East River, is expected to begin the city review process within the next few months, a project official said.

The 7-acre site is located near Astoria Houses, a public housing complex.
Developer Lincoln Equities Group has agreed to set aside about 20% of the units for affordable housing, primarily for seniors, a project official said last week.

“It’s going to be transformative to the neighborhood,” said Lincoln Equities spokesman Andrew Moesel. “Not only will it bring new residents, but much-needed retail, open space and other resources.”

The project cleared its latest hurdle last month after the state legislature approved transferring ownership of a strip of state park land to the New York City Housing Authority. The developer plans to use the parcel for new park land.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria), who championed the legislation, said he supports Hallets Point because the developer has promised to create new park land, bring in much-needed amenities and expand local roads to make it easier to get in and out of Astoria Houses.

“There’s no supermarkets. There’s no banks,” he said of the area as it currently is. “There’s none of the things that people need to go about their daily lives.

There's no transportation...

Do you really think people who buy luxury condos are going to want to live across the street from projects or walk 20 blocks to the subway, Mike? How much have these guys donated to your campaign?


Anonymous said...

Subways are so 20th century. Why not just ride the unicorn to work?

Anonymous said...

A proposed, billion-dollar residential and retail project on a desolate stretch of Astoria’s waterfront could break ground as early as fall 2013 — MUCH TO THE DELIGHT OF LOCAL COMMUNITY LEADERS.

Horseshit. The days that a Vallone bosom buddy defines Astoria is soon drawing to a close.

Outside of the Immac Clique on Tony Bennett Blvd everyone is fed up with that clan!

Anonymous said...

How much have these guys donated to your campaign?
Astoria is defined by the cement lobby.

The community was strangled when the clueless immigrants pouring into it and the old ladies in black with their Balkan peasant neighbors with no idea about American democratic traditions defined its electorate.

Anonymous said...

So take one of the worse housing projects in the city and build a "luxury development" right next door? Why woulda like a wonderfully successful business model????

WTF are they really up to?

Anonymous said...

So the 99% have to somehow squeeze into the 20% of the apts that are deemed "affordable" by our billionaire mayor. No wonder everyone is renting rooms these days.

"Mystery" Mike Gianaris-ass-is said...

Crapper. Exclusive Hallett's Cove jitney service to the subway will be provided. The luxury dwellers will be completely encapsulated from the surrounding underclass.

Anonymous said...

Vallone knows his days are numbered in office and family's influence is melting - even in Astoria the community is changing and people can't be duped forever.

Time to push it forward and cash in the chips so that clan can flee to eastern Queens and try their magic.

Anonymous said...

That whole strip is just a waste land - with the projects sitting in plain site who would want to go there? Transportation is a slow bus and this area is otherwise another bleak building in a commercial zone with nothing attractive to anyone buy or renting here. Move to Roosevelt Island for a fantastic isolated already built disappointment. That place although it truly sucks is better than what the project in this artical informs us about.

Anonymous said...

There _are_ no banks. There _are_ no supermarkets. Why can't we elect people whose grammar wouldn't make my fifth grade teacher hurl chalk in my direction if I said it in her class?