Wednesday, April 18, 2018

DeBlasio cronies rake in dough for homeless housing

From the Daily News:

Twin brothers with identical eye-popping salaries have been double-dipping off their nonprofit that provides housing to the city’s homeless — even as their clients suffered poor service and have been blindsided by eviction notices.

Mark and Solomon Lazar, the sons of Joseph Lazar, a former political ally of Mayor de Blasio, each make $240,000 a year as the top executives of the Brooklyn-based nonprofit LCG Community Services. But their big checks don’t end there.

The city has paid millions of dollars to LCG Community Services to place homeless families in temporary housing since 2012. The city also awarded LGC a four-year, $10.9 million contract in 2015 to run a Brooklyn shelter.

Mark and Solomon Lazar, in turn, use LCG to pay millions of dollars to a for-profit firm, Razzal Hospitality and Management — which they own.

Razzal manages many of the properties where LCG places homeless families.

In 2016, LCG paid Razzal $2.7 million to manage part of its cluster-site housing — a controversial city program that places homeless families in private apartment buildings, according to the nonprofit’s most recent federal tax filing.

LCG also paid $1.94 million to the Lazar brothers’ private firm in 2015 and $1.4 million in 2014, records show.

Meanwhile, LCG clients who live in cluster housing sites in the Bronx have complained in a lawsuit about bad conditions in their units, including roach infestations, leaky toilets and broken appliances.


Anonymous said...

"Temporary housing" and "shelters" are nothing more than a trough for this sort of pig - and do nothing to solve homelessness. When will DeBlah get real?

Joe Moretti said...

It was always about "dollars and cents". Big Homeless Numbers = BIG PROFITS. Fuck helping people and if they cared so much about that, they would end the archaic "right to shelter" law, but that would interfere with BIG BUCKS.

In the meantime that money could be made up and more than triple if laws were enforced and Fines were collected. I mean look how much money in fines are not collected and look how much potential money is to be made from law enforcement with DOS, DOB and other agencies. Just the "must have garbage can lids covered tightly" would bring in big bucks, plus "no green space with buildings", "illegal conversions", trucks driving illegally on non-truck routes, illegal truck parking overnight, auto body shop & sales places with illegal parking on sidewalks/streets.

The list goes on and on........................and making pot legal brings in MAJOR AMOUNTS OF MONEY, while eliminating the criminal side of it.


A few more years till paradise!!!

Gary W said...

Off Topic
Deblasshole and his wife only gave 350 bucks to charity.

How progressive

Anonymous said...

Mayor dumbdumb really needs to be impeached

Anonymous said...

After 5 years of this, when will people start noticing the pattern?

KESQ said...

All this corruption and yet the sheep of NYC perpetually keep voting these deplorable communist asswipes into office.

Anonymous said...

See no evil, hear no evil. The man refuses to open his eyes and see the world around him that he has created.

JQ LLC said...

Apparently, when de Faustio once cited Dickens Tale of Two cities in his inauguration speech, in actuality he was using that book as an instructional guide. This fucking mayor has absolute underlying contempt for the lower-salaried citizens in this city.

This fucking mayor is surpassing all the corruption documented in the book City For Sale as well as the original vampire squid of money and politics of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed.

Ain't it swell that in a city this entrenched with corruption that 2 generations of scumlords like the Lazars can thrive despite looming lawsuits and past pitiful fines.

Shit has GOT to change.

Rob in Manhattan said...

Mark and Solomon Lazar of Brooklyn...might ask "of what community" -never mind....

If we -really- want to deal with this crisis these are steps I'd implement:

1) Establish a minimum residency requirement. You must have some proof of having lived in the five borough for at least six months (one year is preferable)to qualify for housing assistance. No more allowing these jerkwater red states dumping their unwanted citizens on us.

2) Strengthen and ENFORCE rent regulations. We've lost over 300,000 of the TRULY affordable apartments, thanks to that shit Pataki and his henchmen who took bribes...I mean "contributions" from the landlord lobby in 1994. For the first time in out city's recorded histor a majority of it's resident are spending two weeks income per month on housing -mostly rent. That is a huge drain on average New Yorker's and materially contributes to homelessness.

3) Get real about dealing with lower & middle income housing. These asinine 80-20 scams for developers will never come close to addressing the burden that hosing now represent to average city residents. At the very least we need a new version of the Mitchell-Lama program and supplemented with a real commitment to new public housing construction.

Some of what I suggest isn't very much keeping with my Liberal leanings, and it means that some Americans from other States can't just flop here and and live their "New York dream". We are at risk of becoming a truly hollowed-out city of transients & burnouts.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

@Rob in Manhattan
Yes I agree with you ! Very good points...

Gary W said...

More free shit!! More subsidies, more free programs!!!

Yes that always works.

Don't worry maybe NYC will let your neighbor house them in his backyard like LA wants to.

Anonymous said...

>Voting reform is desperately needed to change this.
>Eligibility requirements must be changed

What sort of changes would you like to see?

Anonymous said...

Lock them up!