Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trailer trash in South Ozone Park

"Here are some of the problems people are dealing with in South Ozone Park. If you have driven on South Conduit and North Conduit Aves you have probably passed these tractor trailers parked illegally taking up lanes at these busy intersections and yet they continue to be a daily nuisance in this area. People have gone to community board meetings, to the 106 police precinct regarding this problem only to be told by the community board members, and officers at the 106 that we should just learn to get used to it because they will never go away. People have also been told that it could take months or years for them to conduct a heavy tow operation. It is not right how these owners of about 5-10 trucks have no regard for people’s safety and how police do nothing. Here are some pictures. Now tell me how drivers can see oncoming traffic with these trucks illegally parked here.
Detached trailer parked on north conduit next to speed way gas station located at 129-03 both conduit Ave

Here’s another detached trailer parked on south conduit and 126th street

Here is a dumpster trailer parked on south conduit and 127th street. There are no standing signs posted as you can see in the picture below the one way sign.

Here is a video driving up the 150th Ave ramp from South Conduit.

- Anonymous


JQ LLC said...

The video is just an image but I know that area. That trailer is parked on an island. And the pic under it, the trailers ass is sticking out above the curb.

Did the 106 explain that the reason why the community should "get use to it". Can't say any more what a disappointment this is from those hired to serve and protect the public. Certainly other truckers or lot owners will be gleefully encouraged by this, hell it' obvious they are already are.

How do these pigparkers not fall under the preview of Vision Zero? This is a road hazard endangering the lives of drivers. I guess the 106 is either taking payoffs or are being insouciant under orders from higher brass and city hall to allow this.

Anonymous said...

"How do these pigparkers not fall under the preview of Vision Zero? This is a road hazard endangering the lives of drivers."

Unfortunately, I think you just answered your own question. The City doesn't care about the lives of drivers. If more people were walking or biking in this area, they MIGHT be inclined to do something about it. In reality, I think they like these things that make driving dangerous and annoying because they think it might discourage people from driving.

JQ LLC said...

A lot of drivers in South Ozone Park run the stop signs. Which will lead to certain death with that trailer parked on the island intersection on 127th street.

kool said...

Flatten their tires. Teach them a lesson maybe than they will think twice where they leave their trailers.

Shirley Temple said...

Are these trucks abandoned?

Anonymous said...

How is it that the same cops who won't hesitate to give you a ticket for being an inch over a line won't take care of these trailers?

>"months or years for them to conduct a heavy tow operation"

10 trailers, at very most that should take 10 nights.

Crusseau said...

We have the same issue in FH every single day. At Least 10 to 15 trailers parked there almost every single day sometimes more on the weekends. They even park in the forest Hills high school parking lot. I cant understand why they’re not giving tickets. The only time the 112 precinct does something it’s about twice a year when they want to make a big post on Twitter about it. Then they go down and ticket the trucks, post pictures on Twitter and then go back to the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Another here for flattening the fucking tires. Done. Word will get out like wild fire, no more trucks. The cops and the board are the people who should be dealing with this but yet again prove themselves to be useless. Not only is it a quality of life issue but it's also dangerous to drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. Salt in the wound that they refuse to do something that is blantently obnoxious and wrong.

JQ LLC said...

How about getting a can of Krylon and spray painting these trucks with giant dicks or writing "move this miserable piece of shit" (this line is from Mel Brooks history of the world, see it).

I like to see what happens if a cops show up to ticket or arrest the vandal.

Gary W said...

Start spray painting Swastikas or KKK on them, that will get those eyesores plenty of attention.

Just don't get caught.

Anonymous said...

>I like to see what happens if a cops show up to ticket or arrest the vandal.

Of course they will. We don't have protection... err, I mean, they don't need a "heavy tow" to write those tickets.

JQ LLC said...

Here's something that might get attention. Spray paint "Free Herman Bell" on the side.

Better yet let some regular artist vandals tag up these derelict trailers.

If Banksy can do (allegedly) non-commissioned graffiti political statements, why can't anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who sent the site these pictures and about what we are dealing with in this area. I even sent it to the forum paper and Queens chronicle hoping they publish this in the’re papers next week. Also sent it to Arnold Diaz and 7 on your side. And all of the 311 complaints done are police action not unnecessary or no evidence of a violation was observed... like I said they are parked here daily and over night and the company is GR trucking logistics. And you will always see one of these assholes working on a truck.